Destiny 2 community shares terrible Iron Banner experiences due to lags

Iron Banner Fortress (Image via Bungie)
Iron Banner Fortress (Image via Bungie)

The first Iron Banner of Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph has been live for a while, but players are not happy with their initial impression. The community has been skeptical regarding the current model of the game, and the server status since day one has not helped the game's developer, Bungie Inc.'s cause.

Recently, players have shared negative experiences on social media platforms, including lags and melee whiffs. The issue seems to be recurring, although Bungie hasn't addressed it since the weekly reset.

Hence, players from the community have come forward to share their experiences with the lag issues inside the Iron Banner.

Players are facing lag issues inside new Destiny 2 Iron Banner Fortress

The Iron Banner is back with a new game mode that ties in favor of the Control game mode with a single "Capture the Flag" waypoint. Players must complete their objectives, or their team might lose regardless of the number of kills scored. However, things haven't been smooth for players inside Lord Saladin's trials.

Since the Destiny 2 game mode went live on January 3, reports of lag issues, synchronization, and complaints have started pouring in from the community. Seeing how some of the killcams have been deemed absurd, renowned YouTuber @falloutplays asked everyone to come forward and post their experiences.

Some videos under this thread showcase players dodging bullets, while others display issues on hit registration during melees, landing shots from a distance, and several other niggles. This has ruined the experience of many, considering the Iron Banner remains only for a week.

The community speculates that this issue is perhaps tied to SBMM (skill-based matchmaking), as Bungie prioritizes players with the same skill level rather than connection. Hence, players from one end of the world might get matched with someone from the other end, which might not result in a smooth experience.

Some statements from players in the Destiny 2 community are as follows:

"The new Iron Banner mode is really cool! The amount of teleporting guardians and general lag isn't as cool! Hopefully, Bungie can tweak the matchmaking so it has some more emphasis on connection, because it is pretty rough, and has been all season"
"We really need CBMM back. The lag is so bad"

As things stand, only a few members of the community are in favor of SBMM in Destiny 2. Since players are also experiencing severe lags in other game modes, it remains to be seen how Bungie approaches PvP in Lightfall.

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