FIFA 23 leaks reveal Serge Gnabry as the Bundesliga Player of the Month for November

Serge Gnabry is rumored to have won the latest Bundesliga POTM award (Images via EA Sports and Getty Images)
Serge Gnabry is rumored to have won the latest Bundesliga POTM award (Images via EA Sports and Getty Images)

The infamous FIFA 23 leak-based Twitter accounts Fut Sheriff and FIFATradingRomania have revealed that Serge Gnabry has won the Bundesliga POTM award for November.

The vote involved several high-profile players from the premier division of German football, including the likes of Jeremie Frimpong from Bayer Leverkusen, with the Bayern Munich winger reigning supreme.

🚨POTM Bundesliga 🇩🇪👇

Bayern have not been as dominant in the Bundesliga as fans have gotten used to, but despite their slow start to the season, the Bavarians have gradually regained their form. Gnabry was a mainstay in their starting 11 and delivered several impressive performances last month, earning him the Player of the Month award.

Note: This article is entirely speculative and based on leaks from social media.

Serge Gnabry is rumored to receive a Player of the Month SBC soon in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Bayern Munich entered the international break as the league leaders in the Bundesliga. After a rather shaky start, their resurgence was inevitable as they host some of the most talented and capable players in Europe.

Serge Gnabry spearheaded their push for the title in November by scoring four goals in three games in the league, and rumors suggest that this has won him the POTM title.

🚨Bundesliga POTM:Gnabry👨‍🍳@fifa_romania 🔥

What will this POTM card look like in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Gnabry already has an impressive special card in FUT 23. He received an 87-rated Path to Glory variant during the World Cup celebrations. But with Germany crashing out of the tournament in the Group Stage, this card can no longer be upgraded in-game.

Although there are no leaks indicating what the POTM variant will look like in-game, it will most likely possess similar attributes, showcasing the following stats in the six key aspects:

  • Pace: 87
  • Dribbling: 87
  • Shooting: 87
  • Defending: 44
  • Passing: 82
  • Physicality: 73

Will POTM Serge Gnabry be viable in FIFA 23?

The meta of FIFA 23 has shifted drastically in the past few weeks. With the introduction of the new AcceleRATE system in the latest iteration of the iconic football simulation series, the early stages of the game were dominated by players possessing the "lengthy" running style.

However, their viability has suffered with time, with explosive players now controlling the meta.


This meta strongly favors cards like Gnabry as he is an agile and nimble playmaker who possesses a controlled running style in-game, which can be altered to explosive with the correct chemistry style.

If the new Bundesliga POTM version is anything like the Path to Glory card, he will be an amazing attacker in-game. He will be able to play in multiple positions across the attack, including creative roles like central attacking midfielder (CAM) or on the wings.

However, a card of this caliber will also come at a premium price, and fans will be curious to see what the SBC requirements are to obtain it in FIFA 23.

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