Gray Zone Warfare is bringing day/night cycle in the game as early update

An Operator inside a dark room holding a weapon in Gray Zone Warfare
Gray Zone Warfare to get date/night cycle (Image via Madfinger Games)

Gray Zone Warfare is getting a day/night cycle feature as an early update. The official X handle recently posted that the team behind the shooter, Madfinger Games, is working to bring a day/night cycle to the game as a part of their early updates.

This means that the feature will be arriving during the title's Early Access stage and players won't have to wait until full release.

Madfinger Games is bringing the day/night cycle to Gray Zone Warfare

As mentioned earlier, Gray Zone Warfare will soon get a day/night cycle; it is all set to arrive as an early update. According to the developers, this will significantly change how the game is currently played. They stated that the primary inspiration behind the implementation of this feature is Crash, a content creator on YouTube, who showcased the potential of the day/night cycle in Gray Zone Warfare through a simulated gameplay video.

Currently, the shooter only features a sunny day setting, which although quite realistic and immersive, can get a little stale over time. Adding a day/night cycle to this gameplay loop will only improve immersion and allow players to implement different strategies that may not be viable on a sunny day.

For instance, infiltrating a location stealthily in the dead of the night will be a more immersive experience and can also add to the overall challenge as players will need to make sure they aren't being hunted in the first place. Furthermore, with the cycle's addition, fans may get a new set of equipment like Night Vision Toggles, Thermal Scopes, and more.

It is a feature that fans of first-person shooter games often demand the developers to implement in their titles. However, only a handful of them do so, and even fewer successfully.

As of now, there is no official date on when this update will arrive in the game. But it will be going live during Gray Zone Warfare's Early Access phase.

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