"He doesn't quit!" - Ludwig reveals direct messages from a viewer "hating" on the streamer's Vespa

Ludwig explains why he likes Vespa after getting DMs from a "Vespa Hater" (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ludwig explains why he likes Vespa after getting DMs from a "Vespa Hater" (Image via Sportskeeda)

YouTube Gaming sensation Ludwig hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) livestream on October 19, during which he received the following question from a viewer named "Nick The Vespa Hater":

"What's your opinion on Vespas?"

The YouTuber soon realized that the aforementioned viewer was a Twitter user who went by the same name.

Ludwig then decided to showcase direct messages from the viewer, who seemingly "hated" the streamer for owning a Vespa scooter. He read out a series of messages and asserted his liking towards the automotive brand:

"Look, he doesn't quit! And then I dye my hair, he says, 'There's no f***ing way.' 'Drake's the type of person that drives a Vespa.' 'Dream isn't going to show you his face early because you drive a Vespa.' 'Go f**k yourself, I'm right here.' Go f**k yourself, Nick. Get a Vespa, p**sy! Anyway, Nick the Vespa Hater, I like Vespas."

Ludwig explains why he likes Vespa after receiving a question from a "Vespa Hater" during an AMA stream

At the 01:52 mark of his special October 19 livestream, the former Twitch streamer talked about his profound liking for Vespa scooters. He claimed that North America is "one of the least walkable countries" and that he disliked driving and getting inside a car:

"I think Vespas are absolutely GOATED and throated. I think Vespas have unlocked; so the issue that I have with America as a whole right now, and this is most of North America, is that it's one of the least walkable countries on Earth, and I hate driving. I really f***ing hate driving. I'm not good at driving. I don't enjoy driving. I hate getting in the car. All that sucks!"

The Los Angeles-based content creator halted the discussion as he attempted to recall where he had heard the name "Nick The Vespa Hater." After Ahgren realized that a Twitter user with the identical name had been directly messaging him, he exclaimed:

"Nick The Vespa Hater. This is Nick from Twitter?! Wait, this is Nick from Twitter?! Okay, hold up. I got to show this guy's Twitter account. Oh, Nick, you absolute piece of s**t. I got to show you this guy's Twitter account. Check this f***ing Twitter account out. Check out this psychopath. This guy messages me almost daily. Look at this."
YouTube Gaming streamer showcases his Twitter DMs from a user named Nick (Image via Ludwig/YouTube)
YouTube Gaming streamer showcases his Twitter DMs from a user named Nick (Image via Ludwig/YouTube)

Ludwig disclosed that he received the first message from the "Vespa Hater" on March 7, 2022. He then started reading some hilarious Twitter DMs to his viewers:

"His first message came March 7, 2022. 'Ain't no way yo a** drive a Vespa.' March 7, 2022. We are now in f***ing October. I sent him this picture (a picture featuring the streaming on a Vespa making a rude gesture) after he kept talking s**t to my Vespa, of me on the Vespa, because I thought it was funny, he didn't quit. He did not quit! My man did not come close to quitting. He made AI art of my Vespa getting destroyed and on fire."

Ludwig concluded the discussion by stating that Vespa has "unlocked joy" in his travels:

"I hate that I live in a country that does not have walkable cities, and rather than solve it by moving to, like, the Netherlands and having a delightful life, I have a Vespa, which has unlocked joy in traveling. Whereas before, I had no joy in traveling."

Timestamp: 01:52:25

Fans react to Ludwig's AMA streaming moment

The YouTuber's clip was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. The conversation thread attracted more than 14 fan reactions, and here's what they had to say:

Ludwig is one of the most prominent internet personalities, who was awarded the Streamer of the Year award at Blaire "QTCinderella's" The Streamer Awards 2022. He currently has more than 3.6 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

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