Honkai Star Rail 2.4 drip marketing reveals Jiaoqiu

Jiaoqiu Honkai Star Rail
Hoyoverse revealed the second 5-star unit for Honkai Star Rail 2.4 (Image via Hoyoverse

Hoyoverse just announced an upcoming character named Jiaoqiu for the Honkai Star Rail 2.4 update. This news, posted on X, was certainly unexpected, given that many fans were expecting the announcement on Sunday. Nevertheless, Jiaoqiou's official description has piqued many players' interest. The unit will join the cast alongside fellow Xianzhou resident Yunli in Honkai Star Rail.

This article goes over everything that has been revealed about the foxian healer in the latest Honkai Star Rail 2.4 character announcement post.

What to know about Honkai Star Rail 2.4 character Jiaoqiu

In Honkai Star Rail 2.4, Jiaoqiu is a healer who loves helping others, but it is said that he is also cunning by nature. He views everyday food as medicine and has a profound love for spicy eating.

The official character announcement post quotes the character as saying:

"No matter how many times I say it, people always forget — cooking is medicine, and making medicine is cooking. Using food to treat the sick is my specialty. As the saying goes, a chef who doesn't want to be a healer isn't worth his salt... or pepper, for that matter."

Despite being described as a healer, Jiaoqiu walks the path of Nihility. Healing in the game has been strictly reserved for Abundance class characters, but the foxian healer might bring some variations with his kit.

If he indeed ends up being a healer gameplay-wise, he will be the second character in-game who works a bit differently than their assigned Path's archetype. The other one is Acheron in Honkai Star Rail, who works like a Destruction unit although she treads on the Path of Nihility.

Expected release date of the character in Honkai Star Rail

You can expect the release of the Foxian healer in either Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the Honkai Star Rail 4.7 update, which will begin in late July after version 2.3 concludes.

There is a high chance that he will arrive in the second half of the 2.4 update, which will start in August 2024.

Jiaoqiu's character description is interesting, to say the least, and you can look forward to using your precious Stellar Jades to obtain him once he is released on the Honkai Star Rail 2.4 update.

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