"How does he keep getting better?"- Fans react as Ludwig announces another Subathon on his channel

Fans react as Ludwig announces 'another' Subathon on his channel (Image via- Sportskeeda)
Fans react as Ludwig announces 'another' Subathon on his channel (Image via- Sportskeeda)

YouTube Gaming star and Streamer of the Year, Ludwig made waves online with his recent YouTube video wherein he announced another subathon on his channel. However, as it involves the Streamer of the Year himself, the subathon won't be the usual one.

There is something different about it that Ludwig is planning to implement in the coming year. As per the streamer, Subathons are boring and offer almost no content to the viewers. So, he wants to level up a bit to offer viewers something worth watching or at least be interested in for his next subathon.

Fans react as Ludwig announces another subathon on his YouTube channel

Subathons are one of the hottest topics in the streaming world today. Needless to say, this trend has certainly grown to new heights in the past few months with a bunch of more streamers trying their hands at the subathon.

The subathon section of the purple platform is almost filled with several top creators streaming non-stop for various amounts of time with various amounts of viewers.

Subathons are livestreams that go on and on for several days without stopping. Basically, streamers have to maintain a near constant livestream of their lives on streams wherein they just cook, eat, chat, play or even sleep on streams in front of their viewers.

However, as expected, sometimes it can get a bit boring for the viewers as well as the streamers themselves who are basically hosting these subathons. That's precisely what the YouTube streamer addressed in his recent video and spoke briefly about his idea of an ideal subathon with a surprise at the very end.


Speaking further about the recent Subathon trends, the Streamer of the Year expressed his opinion on the entire concept of hosting an endless stream to gain more traction. Pulling out some stats from his previous subathon, the streamer noted:

"Subathons are boring as f**k, right? The content of a subathon is just inheritly boring. You are live for 24 hours which means it's less curated content. This is a pie chart of all the content that I did during my month-long subathon as as you can see 31% was spent sleeping and 22 was just whatever bs I could come up with 5% I wasn't even there."

He further talked about how he was extremely bored with his previous subathons and even highlighted all of his money tractations during tgha time. As per the streamer himself, he was pretty much transparent about regarding all the money matter or at least where all the money was going.

As expected, Ludwig being brutally honest about this ongoing subathon trend elicited a wave of responses from viewers from all corners of the world. The majority of YouTube users seemed pretty excited about his Subathan 2.0 and even gave many interesting and unique ideas for his second subathon.

Fans react to another subathon (Image via- Mogul Mail)
Fans react to another subathon (Image via- Mogul Mail)
Fans react to another subathon (Image via- Mogul Mail)
Fans react to another subathon (Image via- Mogul Mail)

Although the exact date and time of his upcoming Sabathon wasn't revealed by the streamer, it seems like fans are in for a surprise treat in the coming year. He has a totally different and unique type of subathon on his channel in which he will be exploring something much different than the usual stream, cook, and chat streams. With his previous subathon, he even broke all the previous records for all-time Twitch subscribers.

Ludwig is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the streaming space at this point. From bagging the crown of Streamer of the Year to hosting one of the most successful subathons of all time, the YouTuber has done it all with utmost perfection and dedication.

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