"I'm not a 41-year-old doing cosplay": HasanAbi responds to Dr DisRespect calling him "phony" for joking about infidelity

HasanAbi claps back at Dr DisRespect for his phony comment (Image via Sportskeeda)
HasanAbi claps back at Dr DisRespect for his phony comment (Image via Sportskeeda)

The HasanAbi and Dr DisRespect drama reignited recently after Nicholas "Nickmercs" went on stream today and called out the political streamer for his comments about Doc's infidelity. The scandal can be traced back to the highly controversial anti-LGBTQ+ tweet made by Nicholas, which led to Activision removing his skin and operator bundle from Call of Duty games.

Within days of that decision, Dr DisRespect had uninstalled the game in solidarity with Nickmercs. "HasanAbi" Piker reacted to this earlier this month and expressed his disapproval by insinuating that the YouTube streamer was more faithful to a Call of Duty cosmetic skin than his wife, referring to his well-publicized case of infidelity. This rubbed the two-time the wrong way, and he called Piker a fat phony for his comments.

Streaming from Japan with his friend Will Neff, Hasan responded to the statement:

"Dr DisRespect called me a fat phony, which I think is pretty funny. And then Nickmercs had more to say as well... I mean, it doesn't matter. This kind of stuff is not going to upset me in any meaningful capacity because I'm having a great time."

However, HasanAbi did not stop there and took a shot at Dr DisRespect's appearance on stream, where he wears a wig and plays the character of the Doc. Hasan said:

"And also, I am not a 41-year-old doing cosplay every day who is upset about the same joke that everyone's made a million times over about him cheating on his wife."

"I read one f*cking comment": HasanAbi reacts to drama over him pointing out Dr DisRespect's infidelity

With the controversy surrounding the comments made by Nickmercs and the subsequent decision by Call of Duty to remove his skin from the game, many people online have boycotted the game, including Dr DisRespect, who uninstalled the game on a live stream and demanded a public apology from Activision. On the other hand, Many esports professionals and content creators have criticized Nickmercs, calling his comment anti-LGBTQ.

Regardless of the controversial tweet, HasanAbi's comments about Dr DisRespect's infidelity incurred the wrath of Nickmercs too, who stood by his fellow Call of Duty streamer today and told his viewers that he had unfollowed Piker, saying that HasanAbi was dead to him.

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HasanAbi has had quite the reaction to all the drama and called out people for making a big deal of a joke that has been made many times in the past:

"I read one f*cking comment, I read one comment from chat which everyone knew, that like, people have made a million times over, and all hell broke loose."

He also went on deride certain Call of Duty players who were being too sensitive:

"These guys who are like, 'You wouldn't survive in a Modern Warfare Call of Duty lobby' are losing their minds. 'How dare he say the two-time cheated on his wife.' What the f*ck."

However, HasanAbi did tell his viewers that he did not feel that Dr DisRespect was being serious with his statements:

"'He implied you wouldn't say it to his face? I think he is doing a character when he says stuff like that. I don't he means it, but I think Nick does mean this because he did unfollow me after this."

Later on in the stream, Hasan implied that being rude to him was a prerequisite for getting a multimillion-dollar deal from Kick and joked that Dr DisRespect might be moving to the Stake-owned platform:

"It's not serious, chat. He's not actually gonna fight me over a joke, okay? I think, my speculation is, this is a contract stipulation for Kick. They're like, 'If you want to join Kick, you have to say mean things about Hasan, about how he sucks. And then we'll give you a thirty million dollar contract.'"

Reddit reactions

Redditors of r/LivestreamFail seemed to side with HasanAbi on this issue, with many expressing their feelings in the comment about the drama and criticizing Dr DisRespect. Here are some of the general reactions to the clips:

Readers should note that Nickmercs has doubled down on his controversial comments, reiterating his stand on today's stream and telling his viewers that people online are twisting his words.

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