Internet troll pretends to be an underage girl and falsely frames Overwatch Twitch streamer SVB

Twitch streamer SVB reveals that a troll pretended to be an underage girl and accused him (Image via SVB/Twitter)
Twitch streamer SVB reveals that a troll pretended to be an underage girl and accused him (Image via SVB/Twitter)

Earlier today, shocking news went viral after an Overwatch Twitch streamer called SVB stated that a troll account on Twitter pretended to be an underage girl and falsely framed him for soliciting n*de images.

In a two-minute long address video posted on Twitter, the Twitch streamer revealed that a troll account that went by the name SwagTortoise wanted to prove how easy it was to cancel someone on the internet and the latter's tweet read the following:

"GGs everyone, this was all fake and I am Nia. Just wanted to prove how it is it so 'cancel' someone and how cringe this community xd. Ty for all the nice comments."
I've been trying to find the words to respond to what happened. In the end, I just turned on the camera & ventedI will be taking a break from Overwatch. I'm not sure when I'll be back.I hope my experiences will help someone out there Full video:

Overwatch Twitch streamer SVB provides an update on false accusations made against him

On August 12, SVB took to his main Twitter account to provide an update on his absence and stated that he would be taking an indefinite break from Overwatch. The video address started with him saying:

"A Twitter account by the name niaplaysow (Nia plays Overwatch) accused me of grooming and soliciting n*de images from underage girls."

SVB provided in-depth context for the shocking incident and said:

"Now before we go in any further, I should clearly state that these accusations were proven to be false. They were made by a troll account, who then later confessed that the whole thing was a prank and that they simply wanted to show the community how, in their words, cringe it is, and how easily it would cancel anyone."

He continued further by saying that many people tried to cancel him after believing the false allegations:

"To that end, many people did try to cancel me, although I hate the word, and then many people believed the allegations immediately, accusing me of being a p*dophile, calling me names that I care really not to repeat right now. And so, in light of all things being exposed as fake, I just wanted to get my thoughts out."

The Twitch streamer pleaded with the community not to undermine the actual victims, and the address came to an end when SVB said:

"This person simply conducted their hoax and deleted all their social media, never to be seen again, thus dodging all the consequences for their actions. Which is why real women almost never tend not to lie about such things."

He went on to talk about how his situation was different:

"But this was not a real women, this was a fake account, and perhaps what's sad is that no one really bothered to investigate whether this was a fake account or not."

Community reacts to the Twitch streamer's address

The Twitch streamer's update went viral on the social media platform, with hundreds of community members sharing heartfelt messages, hoping to see SVB come back soon:

@OW_SVB Great video. Hope to see you back soon
@OW_SVB Still our collective champion in so many ways, SVB. I hope to see you back sooner rather than later, but wherever you settle in the meantime is blessed to have you. ❤️
@OW_SVB glad to see you doin ok bro, hope to see u return happy and healthy for overwatch 2 content
@OW_SVB A great response to a truly awful thingTake your time and bounce back, hope to see you again soon
@OW_SVB Incredibly sorry you were the target of such a viciously cruel lie, hope you are able to take the time you need, incredibly admirable way you've gone about handling this and the message sent.Much love my dude.

Esports personality Jake "JakeSucky" Lucky shared the streamer's incident on his Twitter handle and said:

In a horrendous story, a teenage boy pretended to be an underage girl and then fabricated that an Overwatch creator known as SVB had groomed “her” and solicited nude images The kid claimed to make up the false accusations to see how easy it is to cancel someone…

Some users suggested that SVB should be talking to his lawyers due to the severity of the situation:

@JakeSucky Yeahhhhh, SVB should be talking with lawyers yesterday

Others felt that the "internet was a mistake":

@JakeSucky god the internet was a mistake

Fans shared their wholesome views on SVB:

@JakeSucky And just so people know, SVB is one of the most amazing people in the OW community and respected by every creator in the scene.

Here are some more fan reactions:

@JakeSucky this is so sick and it makes it so much harder for real victims when they come forward while also putting an innocent person through extreme stress and anxiety, ruining their reputation, and probably severely strained friendships/relationships over it…
@OW_SVB ❤️ take care of yourself
@JakeSucky Protect SVB at all costs

SVB is a partnered Twitch streamer who is primarily known for playing Overwatch. He has played and streamed the Blizzard Entertainment title for more than 2.5k hours, and currently has 18,584 followers on his channel.

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