"It was never going to make a comeback": Battlefield 2042 fans are frustrated as player count keeps declining

Players are getting frustrated with the content in Battlefield 2042 (Image via DICE)
Players are getting frustrated with the content in Battlefield 2042 (Image via DICE)

Since the start of the first season, things in Battlefield 2042 have been on an upswing. Players have loved some of the added content, like the new Exposure map, which resulted in a spike in the player count.

However, many fans feel that the content should have been much more; it is proving to be the correct assumption. Over time, the player count has again started to decline due to the lack of variety in the content.

Content has been a major problem in Battlefield 2042 since the beginning, as players have repeatedly complained about it. Much of the problem has been amplified by bugs, which have taken time off the hands of the developers.

While Season One has introduced some new content, many feel that it is not enough. Unfortunately, their assumptions are now turning true as the player count has declined.

Battlefield 2042 players react to poor content and decreased player count

Reddit user u/Youngstown_Mafia posted a screenshot of the comparison between Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield V. While the latter is an older game, its content addition had a far greater impact than the latest one.

Other users also expressed their opinions about the entire situation. One player commented that these were the expected results, and many had predicted this would happen. When Season One launched, many users were excited, but with time, the initial excitement disappeared.

Some feel that the writing was on the wall with how the development of the game has been until now. With the existing content addition so far, one player thinks that it was always expected that the seasonal content would be poor.

With the removal of Exposure Conquest, one player thinks that it might have also acted as a demotivator for many players.

Another player feels that the problem also lies with the single map. They believe that players might get burnt out by playing on that single map, and some variety would have been better.

The bugged controls have not made things any easier for console players of Battlefield 2042, who have been left frustrated with the persistent problem.

One player discussed the problem with matchmaking as they have not been able to find matches even with crossplay turned on.

Another person feels that if the title had weekly missions and rewards, players would have been playing regularly.

Fans are once again growing dissatisfied with the less-than-satisfactory standards of the game. It is the content that is lacking in quality and it remains to be seen if DICE will be able to salvage Battlefield 2042.

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