Modern Warfare 2 developers reveal details of new Season 2 Reloaded Himmelmatt Expo map

A part of the Himmelmatt Expo map (Image via Activision)
An area of the Himmelmatt Expo map (Image via Activision)

According to a recent official blog post on the Call of Duty website, the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 map, Himmelmatt Expo, will be medium to large in size and consist of four major areas outside of spawn zones. Both combating factions, SpecGru and KorTac, will have different starting points, which are North Street and South Roundabout, respectively.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set to receive its halfway update for Season 2 on March 15. It has been confirmed to bring in various new features, a Raid episode, one fresh weapon, some skins, and more. The update will introduce players to a new 6v6 multiplayer map called Himmelmatt Expo, a unique and large place with multiple distinct areas. It is an idyllic company retreat for attendees of the Oil and Gas Summit 2023, located in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland.

Modern Warfare 2 receives a new medium-to-large-sized multiplayer map

The four major areas of the new Modern Warfare 2 map are:

  • Congress Hall Event Center
  • Main Roads
  • Restaurant
  • Pool and Sauna

Congress Hall Event Center

The Congress Hall area (Image via Activision)
The Congress Hall area (Image via Activision)

This area of the map is nearly as big as half of Himmelmatt Expo's total area as it has various sub-sections such as the conference room, the lounge, and the terrace. It has two levels, with the main floor consisting of reception desks on either side and the lower floor leading to the conference room.

This room is divided into two sections, the lounge and backstage. The latter is accessible from the lobby via a flight of stairs or by dropping down the elevator shaft. The lounge has a clear view of the outer pool through its floor-to-ceiling windows. Moreover, it is possible to jump into this area from the pool.

Main Roads

An operator on the Main Roads (Image via Activision)
An operator on the Main Roads (Image via Activision)

This area has parked vehicles scattered throughout that lead to the Congress Hall's top and bottom entrances. Vehicles can be used as cover while in the middle of firefights. Operators on Main Roads can see over the Sauna and up the Restaurant as well, allowing threatening strategies to be put to use.


The interior of Restaurant (Image via Activision)
The interior of Restaurant (Image via Activision)

The area is quite small compared to the Congress Hall; however, it is an important point on Himmelmatt Expo because of the number of objectives from various game modes positioned in this building.

This establishment has also been divided into two floors. The bottom one consists of a bar, a small room, and double doors that lead to a staircase leading up to the second floor. On the top floor, you can view the Lounge, the Pool, and the Sauna.

Pool and Sauna

The Pool and Sauna in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)
The Pool and Sauna in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)

The open area has many random objects placed around it that can act as cover while trying to grab objectives. Operators can swim in the pool, which can also be used to hide from enemies. There is plenty of cover in this location, thanks to its hidden position on the side of the map. The developers have described this spot as:

"You can even jump from sauna to sauna to keep the enemy guessing. When things get dicey, simply drop down, use the buildings for cover, and move on."

It is yet to be confirmed whether the map will be added to the ranked map pool upon launch, or if the developers will wait for various bugs and glitches to be ironed out first in casual Modern Warfare 2's game modes. This includes Domination, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, and more.

It has been confirmed that the inclusion will be added to the map rotation in Modern Warfare 2 on March 15 with the release of Season 2 Reloaded. Moreover, a possible Himmelmatt Expo-only playlist might also be around the corner so that players can get acquainted with the new map.

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