s1mple's performance during BLAST Premier leaves NAVI sdy in awe

sdy in awe of s1mple's CS skills (Image via Sportskeeda)
sdy in awe of s1mple's CS skills (Image via Sportskeeda)

Record-breaking CSGoat Aleksandr "⁠s1mple⁠" bagged his 20th tournament MVP trophy in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022, overtaking dev1ce's previous record of 19. Safe to say, the Ukrainian CS:GO pro shone through his extraordinary skills, dazzling people all over the globe.

It wasn't just the audience and viewers who were enthralled with Aleksandr's precision and nous, however. Even Viktor "sdy" Orudzhev, the new addition to Natus Vincere, could not hide his amazement at his fellow Ukrainian teammate's jaw-dropping performance during the tournament. A clip shared on the Global Offensive subreddit shows sdy's reaction to s1mple strutting his prowess:

NAVI shine at BLAST Premier as s1mple's gameplay stuns sdy

Tournament favourites NAVI put up a spectacular performance and ran the show. Although the entire roster was playing the game at its peak, Aleksandr stood out with his inhuman reflexes and flicks. Suffice it to say that his performance is currently the epitome of the perfect Counter Strike gameplay.

A new addition to the team, sdy, also known as "some die young", joined NAVI at the beginning of the month as a stand-in. The CIS powerhouse had just left out their IGL due to the Russia-Ukrainie conflict and were down to four players. Famous for his stint on Team Spirit, sdy joined NAVI on loan from Mad Lions.

The clip is a small compilation of s1mple's composed gameplay juxtaposed with sdy's exhilarated reactions. It starts with the now viral play against OG ESports, where he took down four opponents in quick succession. The precise one tap head shots drove the crowd wild, with the commentator describing the kills as:

"Oh, filthy, absolutely filthy. Simple's showed up."

After the kills, the clip cuts to a closeup of sdy's face looking over at his teammate with an expression of deep admiration. The clip continues with a quickscope headshot and a collateral kill with the AWP, as sdy continues to look away from his screen to witness his fellow teammate dominating OG.

Reddit reacts to sdy's look of disbelief

The clip was shared on reddit with the title "that feeling when playing with s1mple." As sdy regularly looked up from his screen to admire his teammate, fans compared it to Vince McMahon's meme where he repeatedly glances at the wrestlers in awe:

A Redditor pointed out that the other teammates are simply used to this:

Some Redditors also wondered how the opponents would react to such astonishing prowess:

A lot of them also appreciate sdy's skills and personality. As it seems, NAVI fans seem to have taken a liking to the new player:

With their win in Lisbon, NAVI might just make sdy a permanent member of the roster. Suffice to say, their fans are all for it. His reaction to s1mple's gameplay is a testament to the Ukrainian CS Pro's excellent performance in the BLAST Premier and his skill in Counter Strike.

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