“Sexist, misogynistic, disgusting excuse of human being” - High school teacher mercilessly calls out Andrew Tate for negatively influencing young audience

A high school teacher mercilessly calls out Andrew Tate for ruining young audience (Image via Andrew Tate/Instagram)
A high school teacher mercilessly calls out Andrew Tate for ruining young audience (Image via Andrew Tate/Instagram)

On August 17, 2022, a high school teacher took to her Reddit account to call out TikTok's newest star and internet sensation, Andrew Tate, for "ruining" the freshman class and his young audience. The school year has just begun in the US and unfortunately, and the teacher believes many students are acting a bit misogynistic thanks to Tate's controversial statements.

The teacher even went on to explain how the situation has gotten out of hand and how several students are refusing to complete assignments given by female teachers.

TikTok is an extremely popular app, especially among the younger generation, and many believe it is worrisome how quickly they have been indoctrinated into Tate's hyper-masculinity mindset that looks down at women.

Highlighting how the increasingly misogynistic rhetoric among young boys is terrifying and highly concerning, Reddit user ‘pomleli’ noted:

"Have y’all heard of a sexist, misogynistic, disgusting excuse of human being known as Andrew Tate?"

High school teacher slams Andrew Tate's comments regarding women

Kickboxing World Champion-turned-internet sensation Andrew Tate came into the public eye back in 2016 after being removed from Season 17 of UK show Big Brother, following the leak of a viral clip wherein Tate could be seen hitting a woman (allegedly his girlfriend) with a belt.

Since the incident, the four-time kickboxing champion has gone viral across multiple social media platforms. In his videos he often makes hateful and misogynistic comments about women, with many critics and rape and abuse charities finding his opinions regarding women offensive and concerning.

However, things have now gotten a bit more serious with several teachers and coaches claiming that Tate's young audience and boys have been creating trouble in the classroom.


As per the Reddit thread shared by high school teacher and Reddit user pomleli, the new class students have become increasingly addicted to Tate's content on TikTok.

The teacher explained that in just a week, six families had raised concerns about their sons using some highly controversial and demeaning comments regarding women.

"Well, I promise you all your middle school & high school boys have & they’re addicted to his content. Just this week I had to have 6 convos with families about their sons saying shit like “women are inferior to men” “women belong in the kitchen Ms____."

She further pointed out that out of the six families, five were mothers who were absolutely "mortified" with their children's behavior and how Tate's content had influenced young boys into thinking that "women belong in the kitchen."

"5/6 parents (all mothers) were mortified when I discussed their comments. The other 1 dad said “we’ll he isn’t wrong”. 2 are immigrant mothers and they cried on the phone when I shared a video of Andrew Tate that their sons kept referencing & translated the content to them."

She went on to talk about how the videos in question were about Tate's human trafficking business:

"And this particular videos was talking about his webcaming “business” (ie human trafficking women). Y’all. It’s been only 2 weeks of school & these young boys are losing it."

Reddit users react to rising hyper-masculinity in young male students

As expected, the post has already crossed over 400 comments within just one day of being posted. The majority of redditors seemed worried about the ongoing chaos in the freshman classrooms, and some coaches shared their own experiences as well.


This isn't the first time Andrew Tate has landed in hot water for his negative influence on children. Just a couple of weeks ago, YouTuber-turned-professional boxer Jake Paul slammed him for teaching children that they "need a Bugatti to look cool."