Shi No Numa in Call of Duty Vanguard: Release date for Swamp of the Dead, game mode details, and more

Reimagined Shi No Numa will be making its way to Call of Duty Vanguard (Image via Treyarch)
Reimagined Shi No Numa will be making its way to Call of Duty Vanguard (Image via Treyarch)
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Call of Duty Vanguard has gone through an entire season without introducing any major updates for Zombies. However, fans are finally in for a few treats in the coming months as Treyarch will soon be launching an enhanced version of Shi No Numa, a map from a previous franchise entry.

In a recent tweet, the developers have officially released a reveal, talking about the upcoming Zombies map, which they will call “Swamp of the Dead.” It will be a reimagining of Shi No Numa and will be going live on Vanguard servers on June 22, 2022, along with Vanguard season 4.

Journey to the "Swamp of Death" to unearth its secrets on June 22nd.#Vanguard #ShiNoNuma #Zombies

The Swamp of the Dead has been in the making for quite some time now. In April, the developers announced that they would be working on a Vanguard infrastructure that would support a full round-based system.

They wanted to shift their focus from the shooter’s objective-style maps, which was one of the reasons why the game’s season 3 was delayed till June. The focus was more on bringing back traditional survival maps to Call of Duty Vanguard, and the reimagining of World at War’s Shi No Numa is the first step towards achieving that goal.

A reimagined 'Shi No Numa,' now called 'Swamp of the Dead,' will be making its way to Call of Duty Vanguard


For those out of the loop, Shi No Numa was introduced all the way back in Call of Duty World at War and was also the first map in the franchise's history that represented the depths of World War II-era Japan.

The map is set in the Rising Sun facility, and with the "zombie shooting battlegrounds" mode has been one of the most iconic experiences in the franchise's history. It was immensely popular and a very successful mode that fans of the franchise were hoping would come to Vanguard for quite some time now.

Fortunately, the mode will finally be making its way to the live servers within a week. However, Treyarch has yet to provide further details on what players can expect from it.


The developers did mention that Shi No Numa will drop with an all-new main questline, a brand-new area to explore, along with Easter eggs, a Wonder Weapon quest, and more.

The last time the map and mode made an appearance was in Black Ops III, and it’s quite different from how Vanguard plays out. Fans can expect a significant amount of changes to the map once it officially drops with Call of Duty Vanguard season 4 on June 22.

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