"She's flossing!": Sykkuno hilariously reacts to Valkyrae being herself during an IRL stream

Sykkuno reacts to Valkyrae's funny antics (Images via Sykkuno and Valkyrae/Twitter)
Sykkuno reacts to Valkyrae's funny antics (Images via Sykkuno and Valkyrae/Twitter)
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Twitch streamer Thomas "Sykkuno" was having a ton of fun during one of his most recent livestreams. He played one of his favorite games, Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay (GTA 5 RP), for his viewers present in the Twitch chat.

Taking a short break in-between games, the Twitch star decided to watch some videos and react to content suggested to him by his loyal viewers. One such video happened to be OfflineTV's (OTV) video, containing compilations of content creators like Disguised Toast and Valkyrae.


Reacting to one of the highlights of the video where Valkyrae was seen acting goofy and being herself, the streamer hilariously exclaimed the following:

"Oh my God, she's flossing!"

Sykkuno reacts to the latest OfflineTV video featuring Valkyrae

VOD for the incident: 01:57:54

The Twitch content creator had been streaming for around two hours. He initially started off by playing some GTA 5 RP along with his role-playing buddies. Following the gameplay, Sykkuno decided to watch a couple of videos where one of them happened to be OfflineTV and Friends, which was suggested to him by his viewers in the Twitch chat.

Speaking of the video, the streamer mentioned:

"OfflineTV and friends? Guys, do you people watch that? I mean; I guess we can watch it. Okay guys, let's do a challenge, okay? If I am not in this video, that means I am not friends with them anymore, right? I'm kidding, I'm kidding!"

Starting to watch the video, he stated:

"Guys, surely they put me in! We're friends. I got to be in here."

After realizing that he was present during the event, the American Twitch streamer excitedly claimed that he remembers the event going on in the clip. Mentioning that he is still friends with the members of OfflineTV, he said:

"We're still friends after all these years. Oh, I remember this person. Guys, there's nothing wrong with it, they knew Rae (Valkyrae) very well and then like, I don't think they even knew Sykkuno. They were like, yeah, get in the photo! It's just because I was standing next to Rae and they were like, 'Oh, I probably know this guy'."

The video transitioned towards Valkyrae where she was seen acting goofy and being herself. Surprised by the way Valkyrae was acting, the Twitch streamer burst out laughing and said:

"Guys, I am not seeing enough movement. Oh god! What the..."

He continued to laugh looking at the way Valkyrae was dancing and moving around in the video. Recalling the events, the content creator mentioned:

"Oh, I remember this, I thought the stream was F'ing (stopping) when this was happening. Wait, I thought the stream was off when I did that! Everyone was spamming F in the chat, I thought the stream was off when I did that. Well, okay.

Sykkuno continued to react to the 13-minute-long video for a few seconds, following which he dived into playing a new game called Midnight Ghost Hunt.

Fans react to the Sykkuno's hilarious reaction

Fans and audiences on the streamer's Twitch chat had a hearty laugh and almost everyone present in the chat lobby was seen typing various laughing emoticons. Many were happy to see their favorite streamer being featured in the OfflineTV video.

Fans reacting to the streamer's reaction (Images via Sykkuno/Twitch chat)
Fans reacting to the streamer's reaction (Images via Sykkuno/Twitch chat)

The Twitch content creator is closely associated with various members of OfflineTV and is often seen collaborating when they play games or host IRL streams with members such as Disguised Toast, Pokimane, and Valkyrae.

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