Twitch star Sodapoppin has finally been unbanned after 2 weeks

Sodapoppin has been unbanned after 14 days on Twitch (Image via Sodapoppin/Twitter)
Sodapoppin has been unbanned after 14 days on Twitch (Image via Sodapoppin/Twitter)

Twitch streamer Chance "Sodapoppin" has been unbanned from Twitch after 14 days.

Sodapoppin was banned for the second time on the livestreaming platform on April 14, 2022. The streaming community was shocked after they were notified that one of the most famous streaming personalities had been banned from the platform.

Fans react to Sodapoppin getting unbanned from Twitch

Fans on Twitter were delighted to see their favorite streamer return to the purple streaming platform after a 14-day-long ban.

Some Twitter users felt that the streamer shouldn't have been banned from the platform and that he should be compensated in return.

Users on Reddit, too, were happy to see that the Twitch streamer was finally unbanned after two weeks.

Some fans wanted to know the context for his second ban.

Many Redditors joined in and joked about the streamer.

Why was Sodapoppin banned?

While no official statement or reason regarding the streamer's ban has been made public, a speculative reason for his second suspension has been floating around the streaming community.

On April 10, 2022, Soda played a game called "Are You Smarter Than the Crowd?" and he unknowingly created a questionable character on stream. While creating an in-game character, he uttered the word "blackface" which ended up adopting a racial tone.

A clip regarding the incident was posted on the subreddit LivestreamFail and Sodapoppin hopped onto the thread to provide his stance on the subject:

"Well, guess I gotta explain. Cause people think I would truly go the lengths of trying to ACTUALLY look racist on purpose. I'll try to explain my thought process through this situation. I am edgy, but not this edgy."

His Reddit statement continued:

"In the moment I noticed 'Hey character creation with makeup,' and immediately started making him darker like mr. potato head cause he looks like him shape-wise. But I realized while coloring him that I am only coloring the face, and so I just said 'Oh s**t blackface.'"

Sodapoppin stated that he felt his actions were harmless and carried on with it. The streamer started adding some over-exaggerated facial features to the in-game character which resulted in more racist features being added to the character.

"I mean, IDK it seemed like a harmless mistake so I just rolled with it, thats the extent of how far I wanted the joke to go I guess and then move on. So then I added an overexaggerated smile with lipstick, I thought of just adding a red smiley to it, not realizing it added MORE racism to the blackface making me unknowingly double down. I didn’t notice how that correlated at the time I was just throwing random makeup on the face."

In the concluding remarks, Sodapoppin mentioned that he was being naive and did not realize his mistake on stream.

"Ofc I thought 'lipstick, that makes an overexaggerated smile.' My brain isn't really thinking past that while streaming, I'm just tryna paint a potato. In hindsight, I see how that yea, it's like an extreme blackface. I didn’t mean for it to get racist sounding/looking as it did , but this was just me being naive and not realizing how the mouth correlated with the skin, etc."

This was the streamer's second ban on the platform. He was banned for the first time back in July 2020 while playing the virtual reality game, VR Chat. He had to serve a 24-hour suspension for his first offense.

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