Virtues in Lost Ark: What are they and how to increase them fast?

All Lost Ark Virtues and how to increase them (Image via Smilegate)
All Lost Ark Virtues and how to increase them (Image via Smilegate)
Abhishek Mallick

Like most popular MMORPGs today, Smilegate’s Lost Ark too boasts a variety of in-game stats that are not directly related to combat, but some different in-game mechanics.

One such stat is called Virtues, which comes in the form of a value-based system that deals with the quotients of Charisma, Kindness, Wisdom, and Courage.

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While Intelligence, Attack Power, Crit, and Endurance are the primary stats dealing with combat in the game, Virtues are more of a secondary feature that plays specialized roles in the title.

But that does not mean that Virtues are any less important, and it’s advised that players look to invest in these stats as they progress further into the endgame.

Todays’ guide will talk about all the Virtues in Lost Ark and how adventurers will be able to increase their stats and levels as they continue to spend time in the MMO.

All Lost Ark Virtues and how to increase them

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As mentioned, there are four Virtues in Lost Ark, Charisma, Kindness, Wisdom, and Courage, which are used primarily to build up Rapport with NPCs. Each of the non-playable characters in the game has their own Virtue requirements that players will need to fill, and raising them each will offer adventurers additional gameplay options.

So what are some of the ways by which players can increase their Virtue stats?

1) Completing Missions in the Adventurer’s Tome


Religiously completing the quests present in the Adventurer’s Tome for each of the regions is one of the most reliable ways to increase the levels for each of the Virtues. Completing Hidden stories is also advisable, as Virtue stats are often increased as a quest reward.

2) Rapport Rank and Dialog rewards


The second most reliable method to increase virtue stats is by increasing Rapport Rank with NPCs and unlocking new dialog options and rewards. This will often require the player to complete some of the quests that the NPCs themselves hand out.

However, they are not too difficult to complete and can offer a good deal of boost to a particular Virtue.

3) Equipping different cosmetics


Donning new cosmetics and skins can also provide a good deal of Virtue increase, especially for a Virtue like Charisma.

4) Una’s Tasks


Una’s Tasks and other side quests will often offer a lot of Virtue leveling as well. While not as straightforward as completing Adventurer’s Tome quests or completing Rapport Ranks, they are quite an effective way to increase a character’s overall Virtue in Lost Ark.

5) Virtue Potions


Apart from the standard methods, players will also be able to increase their Charisma levels by consuming Virtue potions. These in-game edibles for each of the Virtues will increase the total amount of that particular stat of the character by 10, and to acquire them, one will need to invest some time in completing NPC Rapports as well as earning Reputation rewards.

Some of the main quests and side quests will offer the potion as a reward as well.

What are Virtues used for in Lost Ark?


At least for now, all Lost Ark Virtues are primarily used to unlock Rapport and dialog options with NPCs throughout the game.

When engaging with some of the characters, certain dialog options will only be made available when the character has the required amount of Virtue stats for it. Hence, increasing Virtue stats and unlocking new dialog options will help to provide an additional gameplay experience.

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