Warzone 2's randomness in recoil pattern is making the learning curve impossible to master

Warzone 2 is available to download right now (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2 is available to download right now (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone 2's servers are live right now. The ultimate battle royale experience from the iconic franchise has a plethora of content to offer players in Season 1.

Despite all the features present, the most important part of a Call of Duty title is undoubtedly the gunplay mechanism, and recent research shows that the game is falling short on that part.

Popular Warzone content creator TrueGameData posted a tweet saying Warzone 2 provides a randomized recoil pattern for all the guns in the game, making the weapons impossible to master. To learn more about it, read below.

Warzone 2 provides a Bloom-like recoil pattern in-game

The Call of Duty franchise is not known for providing extreme recoil in its titles. However, since the release of Warzone back in 2020, a lot of weapons have different recoil patterns that players need to understand to get better in the game.

I've covered this in a video and in tweets, but this is a big part of what I'm not liking about Warzone 2. Random recoil like this is something you can't learn, can't master a weapon. It does the same thing as bloom essentially. Randomness you can't predict that makes shots missโ€ฆ

Warzone content creators analyze these patterns and suggest possible attachments to get the best stability and lowest possible recoil. The greatest part of using those attachments in the previous iteration was that adding them resulted in a similar recoil pattern for each weapon. Hence, when that muscle memory kicked in, the guns became easier to control.

However, that's not the case for Warzone 2. Whether you use the same gun, same attachments, or even the newly introduced Tuning technique, it provides a different recoil pattern every time. This new randomized order makes it impossible for players to understand the learning curve in-game.

Previously, Call of Duty introduced the Bloom system in Vanguard, which added a bullet spread when players fired. This layer of inaccuracy made the community angry and complain since the very start. As a result, it was removed from Warzone Pacific in Season 1.

This newly introduced recoil pattern in Warzone 2 works similar to the Bloom technique in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Clearly, this mechanism is getting in the way of the smooth gunplay, and fans can only hope that the current developer, Raven Software, will take the issue into consideration and tweak the system accordingly.


Warzone 2 is the ultimate free-to-play battle royale experience in the Call of Duty series. It now comes with a third-person mode that is extremely fun to play with friends.

Furthermore, the game also offers an Extraction-type mode called DMZ, where players can have a PvPvE experience. They can choose to fight real opponents or battle AIs to have a casual co-op experience.

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