Warzone fans take to Reddit and show how divided opinions are on current sniper meta

Long-distance snipers in Call of Duty Warzone (Image via Activision)
Long-distance snipers in Call of Duty Warzone (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone has been a favorite among many in the player base, and with such a vast count, the difference in opinion in the community is quite evident.

Sniping has always been a highly debated topic in Call of Duty Warzone. Many in the user base prefer the long-range style of gameplay. Without a doubt, a sniper rifle is their weapon of choice.

However, the current meta in Warzone is quite punishing towards these sniper players as their favorite guns have been on the receiving end of multiple nerfs in the last few seasons.

Despite the recent buff to finch in marksman rifles that came as a part of the Season 4 update, the gamer base feels that the current stats of most sniper rifles in the game is underwhelming.

Warzone fans on Reddit discuss current sniper meta in detail

Sniping has been the core playstyle for a considerable number of players in Call of Duty Warzone. There is a different satisfaction to landing accurate headshots across the map.

However, it is also very frustrating when users see their enemies duck behind cover rather than getting downed after taking such a fatal hit.


As such, these gamers are not content with the current situation regarding long-distance rifles in the game.

Reddit user u/ibabyXD has made a detailed post regarding the current situation of long-range sniping in the title. They feel that rather than nerfing the few over-powered snipers in the game, the developers have nerfed the entire genre altogether.

The Redditor feels that rather than blanket damage nerfs on all the snipers, the developers could have increased the Aim-Down-Sight (ADS) time for snipers to prevent the broken quick scope meta.

The current meta is forcing players to choose among a minimal pool of 5 to 6 sniper rifles that can one-shot-kill their enemies when a headshot is landed. This is a matter of contention among the userbase, as there are a lot more long-distance guns in the game that are no longer viable.

Another Reddit user, u/kranker, was a bit more liberal regarding the topic. He feels that nerfing the quick scope short-to-medium range sniper rifles has been an optimum solution as it forces gamers to use snipers good at mid-long ranges, which is the core engagement range for such guns.

The Redditor also feels that the method of nerfing that Raven has taken is not usual, as the company has nerfed several snipers that are balanced. In contrast, some of the overpowered ones remain untouched.

Then again, the Redditor also points out that Raven has never approached any problem with an optimal solution in mind.

As u/ibabyXD further stated, the player base doesn't mind the nerfs that the Kar98 and Swiss K31 have gotten. These two snipers were a menace before their nerfs.

However, the nerf has affected the entire sniper rifles category, thus making many of them obsolete. This is what users are furious about.


Warzone player u/marbles11523 has pinpointed the central issue of the balancing aspect of the game. Referring to the Kar98 and Swiss K31 sniper rifles, they feel that the no sniper should have such a short ADS time and high mobility. This is unrealistic, and such an approach is not seen in other titles.

Traditionally, sniper rifles are heavy. Thus, they have low mobility, and it takes longer for ADS when compared with assault rifles and SMGs.

Hence, many gamers feel the quick scope/one-hit-kill meta of the Kar98 and Swiss K has been the primary cause behind the unusability of most snipers in Warzone.

Reddit user u/bertyb0i feels that sniping in Warzone is no longer viable as players with a top-tier meta assault rifle can kill an enemy much quicker than landing two shots from a sniper to do the same.

Redditor u/beardedbast3rd points out that the developers could have used a softer approach and adjusted the internal statistics of individual weapons rather than an umbrella nerf to the entire category of sniper rifles. This would have caused the stats to be much more balanced and realistic. Thus, the whole sniper user base wouldn't have to suffer.

It remains to be seen if Raven Software will react to these complaints or leave the game as it is.

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