Watch: xQc pulls a StatTrak Karambit Marble Fade in CS: GO on livestream

xQc gets a very rare knife in CS: GO on stream (Image via xQcOW/Twitch)
xQc gets a very rare knife in CS: GO on stream (Image via xQcOW/Twitch)

Twitch star Felix "xQc" pulled an incredibly rare knife during a recent livestream on April 30, 2022.

Felix had been playing the closed beta for Overwatch 2 over the past few days, but today he decided to take a short break to play a variety of games on stream.

In between his gaming streams, the French-Canadian Twitch streamer hopped into the tactical world of Counter: Strike-Global Offensive and opened several cases.

After spending a few hours opening various loot boxes in the hopes of scoring a rare knife, xQc managed to pull the coveted StatTrak Karambit Marble Fade on stream.

His fans were absolutely stunned to see how lucky the streamer had gotten.

xQc opens cases in CS: GO and gets a StatTrak Karambit Marble Fade

Not too long ago, the former Overwatch pro admitted that he was still addicted to gambling and would find a way or another to gamble things in-game.

During a livestream earlier today, the streamer spent a lot of time opening loot boxes in the game, trying to score some fancy skins for various guns in the first-person shooter game.

He had been streaming for four hours and a viewer suggested that he buy different cases that are present in the game. One such case was a Chroma 2 case.

(Timestamp: 04:46:53)

After he bought the keys required to open the case, the Twitch streamer made a sarcastic comment saying:

"Alright. If I don't get a Chroma 2, anybody who recommended this case, I will ban them in the chat. I don't give a s**t."

The first Chroma 2 Case he opened granted him a skin called Man-o'-War for the gun Negev. He continued to interact with the chat as he opened his second Chroma 2 Case:

"If you recommended this case and I put in 60 bucks and if we don't get Red or Yellow, I am banning everyone for this bulls**t. Plus you owe me."

Coincidentally, all the stars aligned for the Twitch streamer and he pulled a rare item on stream. The item was a Karambit knife with a StatTrak attached to it.

StatTrak is a tracking tool exclusive to CS: GO weapon skins that enables players to track the number of kills obtained using a particular skin. It is a rare feature that adds more value to a skin in the game.

After obtaining the rare knife on stream, the 26-year-old content creator was stunned and loudly said:

"Oh! Oh my god! Oh my god! StatTrak Karambit Marble Fade! Are you f***ing kidding me?"

xQc inspected the skin and stated that it was a Factory New skin. It had a 0.02 float, meaning that it had near perfect quality.

He opened up the community market and saw that the skin was worth CDN $1,512.44 and the last one was sold on April 29, 2022.

Twitch streamer having a look at the value of the skin (Image via xQcOW/Twitch)
Twitch streamer having a look at the value of the skin (Image via xQcOW/Twitch)

Soon after, he loaded up a bot game to have a look at the glorious skin and continued to open cases for a few more hours.

Reddit reacts to xQc getting a rare CS: GO knife on stream

Redditors were amused to see how lucky the Twitch streamer had gotten during the livestream. Many could not believe the value of the skin.

Fans discussed the exceptionally rare quality of the knife.

Some fans felt that this clip might result in more streamers starting a CS: GO case opening meta.

xQc is currently the ranked as the number one English streamer on the purple platform. He has over 10 million followers and averages 88k concurrent viewers per stream.

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