What happened to Asmongold? Twitch streamer gives health update after abruptly ending his Diablo 4 livestream on main channel

Asmongold provided an health update on June 6, 2023 (Image via Asmongold/Twitter)
Asmongold provided an health update on June 6, 2023 (Image via Asmongold/Twitter)

On June 6, 2023, popular Twitch streamer Zack "Asmongold" took to Twitter to share an update after abruptly ending his Diablo 4 livestream on his main channel. In a video captioned A particularly eventful day, the content creator claimed to have passed out after playing the Blizzard Entertainment title for 13 hours. He then mentioned experiencing pain in his leg, which caused him to become stressed and worried.

Asmongold chose not to disclose his health concerns to anyone, including his father. When he realized his condition was not improving, he checked into the emergency room. He was eventually informed that the test results did not show any complications and that his vitals were perfectly normal.

After the ordeal, Zack stated that he was hoping to make positive changes to his lifestyle, saying:

"I'm fine. I'm okay. Damn, for how long? And... yeah, maybe eat a little bit better. Live a little bit better. And hopefully, it won't happen for a while. So yeah. I figured I'd share that. Let you guys know where I'm at. And that's about it!"

"Holy f**k, I was stressed out!" - Asmongold discusses health concerns after playing Diablo 4 for 13 hours on his main channel

The five-minute Twitter video began with Asmongold mentioning going live on his main channel after months to play Diablo 4. He claimed that things became "super stressful" and that he passed out after 13 hours of streaming:

"After I streamed Diablo 4 for, like, 13 hours, something like that, I went directly to bed. I went to bed real quick, and I passed the f**k out. I woke up, and I had some pain in my leg. And I tell you guys, holy f**k, I was stressed out!"

Asmongold explained that he became concerned after experiencing leg pain, speculating that he may have developed a blood clot after sitting in one place for an extended period of time:

"I was worried because it's like, you sit down for a long time, and you got pain in your leg, that could f**king be a blood clot! And that s**t scared the f**k out of me! And I was thinking about this. Worried about this. Stressed out about it. And I'd say that's probably a big reason why I wasn't streaming at all!"

On June 6, 2023, Asmongold decided to go to the emergency room after days of not seeing any improvement in his health. He elaborated:

"Guess what I did? I went to the emergency room, and I just got back. I had to take food on my way back. But, you know, other than that, I just got back from the emergency room just a little bit ago. And... basically, I went in there, and I told them everything that happened, and they did some tests on me. Cost me... it cost me $420. America, by the way! But I think I'd get my insurance to pay for it. Who knows?"

The OTK co-founder claimed that this was the "best" $420 he had ever spent and revealed the results of his medical tests:

"The fact is that they did all the tests. They looked through everything. And, they... you know, did the thing on my leg, and all of that stuff. Took my vitals and everything. And I'm totally f**king fine! There's no blood clot. There's nothing wrong with me. Like, what the f**k, right?"

As the conversation progressed, Asmongold expressed concern about something going wrong with his health:

"It got me thinking... and it got me asking myself an obvious question. If not now, then when? Because let's be honest, one fact of life, you know, two facts, there's death and taxes. And, eventually, you keep thinking something's wrong with you, and given enough time, you're going to be right. And I worry about that a lot!"

Fans react to Asmongold's health update

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Asmongold also shared an update on his official subreddit on June 5, 2023. He announced that he would be hosting the OTK Games Expo on his main channel and that he would resume livestreaming on his alternate channel, Zackrawrr.

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