What did Ice Poseidon do? Reason for arrest in Thailand explored

Exploring why Ice Poseidon was arrested in Thailand (Images via Ice Poseidon/Twitter and r/LivestreamFail subreddit)
Exploring why Ice Poseidon was arrested in Thailand (Images via Ice Poseidon/Twitter and r/LivestreamFail subreddit)

Controversial internet personality Paul "Ice Poseidon" made headlines on June 28, 2023, after a clip went viral in which he and his associates were kicked out of a hotel during an IRL broadcast in Thailand. In the video, Ice Poseidon was seen performing a rather explicit lap dance while his friends laughed in the background.

Later in the broadcast, the hotel's general manager confronted Paul, accusing him of disrespecting Thai culture. Ice Poseidon and his streamer group were then apprehended by the police. According to reports, he could face up to five years in prison.

On June 30, 2023, the 28-year-old content creator took to Twitter to apologize for his behavior. He was seen with his associate, Deepak, as they pleaded for their "speedy release."

Ice Poseidon was heard saying:

"I didn't want to make the hotel look bad or anything. So, I apologize. I hope for the speedy release of all of us... and thank you."

Taking a look at what the hotel's general manager accused Ice Poseidon of that led to him getting arrested in Thailand

During Ice Poseidon's Kick broadcast, the general manager of the luxury hotel confronted him and the streamer's group. She lambasted Paul, saying that his actions were disrespectful towards Thai culture:

"I'm the general manager here (the streamer asks 'what's up'). So, what are you doing now, (the general manager points at a group of men) this is all the policeman, and I would like you all to go to the police station now. If you are doing something like this, and it's disrespectful to Thai culture."

The indefinitely banned Twitch personality refuted the manager's remarks, saying:

"No, we're not doing any of that. No! It's not like that. We're not..."

The hotel's administrator claimed to have seen footage on the CCTV camera and instructed the employees to contact the police immediately:

"I've seen the photo and all of them have CCTV. We will make the police (unintelligible) now. Immediately! Can you call now? Okay? We have the photo and everything. You can film me. My name is (her name) and I'm the general manager of (the hotel's name) Bangkok. What you are doing (is) not respecting Thai culture and Thai people. You cannot do this in Thailand!"

The conversation became heated when the hotel's general manager told Ice Poseidon to stop filming her. One of the streamer's friends suggested that they pay money to have this incident resolved, but the manager refused the offer:

"I don't care about money! Money (is) nothing in Thailand! Okay? If you're not respecting Thai people. You have to say sorry and write it down!"

Ice Posiedon apologizes and asks for a "speedy release"

The Palm Beach, Florida native shared a video on Twitter captioned "A public message from Paul Denino," in which he addressed the controversy and apologized for his antics. He was standing next to Deepak and said:

"I'm being held in Thailand for the actions that I have done a few nights ago... at a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. I wanted to make this video to apologize to (the hotel's general manager) and the (hotel's name) in Bangkok, for the actions that I have done."

Ice Poseidon claimed that he was unaware of the "severity of the actions," and that he was simply "trying to have fun":

"I did not know the severity of the actions that I've caused. I was just trying to have fun, and I am sorry. We were drunk. We were in a room. I just didn't understand the severity of what I had done - lap dancing on my girlfriend. And, I am sorry for that. (Deepak also apologizes) I did not want to cause any negative actions towards anyone."

The video concluded with Ice Poseidon requesting a "speedy release" from police custody.