What role is Quidditch expected to play in Hogwarts Legacy?

Will players be able to play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Will players be able to play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Sportskeeda)

Both the reveal trailer and the gameplay reveal of Hogwarts Legacy showcased the beauty of exploration on brooms and attire with extra padding that students wore.

Although the developers have not explicitly stated or confirmed that the quintessential wizarding sport is a part of the game, players will be hoping that they will be able to engage in a Quidditch match come Holiday 2022 when the title arrives.


The March State of Play event provided a fresh, in-depth look at the gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy. Players were treated to intricately rendered Hogwarts with classrooms, rooms, and hallways filled with puzzles and secrets.

They can also explore the breathtaking outdoors of locations beyond the castle walls like Hogsmeade, Forbidden Forest, and more.

Brooms have been featured as an option to roam around, and players wish that the developers would add Quidditch to the mix.

Will players be able to participate in Quidditch matches in Hogwarts Legacy

According to Rubeus Hagrid, Quidditch was the most popular sport among wizards and witches, being "the equivalent to Muggles' passion for football." The Harry Potter wiki entry for the same states the following as the rules of the game:

"The object of the game was to score more points than your opponents. Each goal was worth ten points and catching the Golden Snitch was worth one-hundred and fifty points. The game ended when the Snitch was caught or an agreement was reached between the captains of both teams."

The reveal trailer of Hogwarts Legacy that was shown in 2020 had a couple of students with brooms and wearing attire with extra padding, which players thought were uniforms for Quidditch. The most common opinion among the community is that the game will likely not have a fully fleshed-out multiplayer Quidditch.

The developers are already working on an intricately detailed wizarding world along with Hogwarts to provide a single-player experience that players will thoroughly enjoy. It is far likelier that Quidditch will feature as a side-mission or activity that players can engage in during their playthrough.

A multiplayer Quidditch could be an option developers can explore as downloadable content once the game is out. It would combine the two most asked for mechanics from the players.

Adapted into the Potterverse, Hogwarts Legacy will bring players to the wizarding world of 1890 as a fifth-year student at Hogwarts. Between attending classes to hone their magical abilities and forming relationships with some of their fellow students, players will be uncovering mysteries, engaging in duels, and exploring the vast world.

The wizarding world in-game is threatened by a dark wizard and an impending goblin rebellion against the backdrop of the mysterious resurgence of Ancient Magic. The developers have promised an experience like never before, and Potterheads cannot imagine the world of Harry Potter without Quidditch.

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions (Image via WB Games)
Harry Potter Quidditch Champions (Image via WB Games)

Update (April 19, 2023): WB Games has recently announced Harry Potter Quidditch Champions where Potterheads can play their favorite magical sport with their friends. Interested players can choose to register themselves for the playtests.

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