"It sits in a chair and does nothing" - xQc jokes about Pokimane by comparing her to a lazy cat

xQc jokingly called Pokimane lazy (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc jokingly called Pokimane lazy (Image via Sportskeeda)

A clip from xQc's recent stream has garnered lots of attention on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail. The Twitch powerhouse was reacting to cute cat videos in the video and made a playful joke about Pokimane being someone who sits all day and does nothing.

"Ahh, I'm just kidding."

Only a day after Greekgodx's viral rant about women, the comment could easily be misinterpreted. However, the streamer made it clear that it was all in good fun, and the only reason he said it was because he personally knows Pokimane.

xQc's comment on Pokimane: Playful banter or drama bait?

With the recent upsurge in streamers calling out others in public, it is very easy to consider everything as a drama waiting to happen. The streaming community has had lots of feuding recently, with HasanAbi and xQc calling each other out for streamer lists and the Canadian streamer himself calling out Austin-based streamers for their behavior.

(Timestamp 14:31:41)

The online star was watching cat videos when the event occurred. In the video, the two felines were being trained to ring a bell to call for food.

The streamer had initially doubted if one of the cats would be able to do it, but it succeeded in calling for food. The other cat was done eating and left, and that is when the man behind the camera called for the next cat to come.

The new cat's name was Poki. Anyone in the streaming community would automatically think of the Twitch star, Pokimane when they hear this term, and xQc was no exception. He even called the video a glitch:

"It's glitched! It's Pokimane."

He then compared the cat to Pokimane as a joke, insinuating that she sits all day doing nothing:

"You know why I know it's named Pokimane? Coz it sits in the chair but does nothing all day. And just sits there."

The 26-year-old paused for chat reactions before clarifying that it was a joke. He even directly stated that there is a possibility of him getting banned and that others should not repeat the joke. Only he was allowed to say it because he is personally acquainted with Pokimane:

"Ah, I'm just kidding. Okay, don't repeat that joke chat because only I can do that because I know her. If you say that, I might get banned."

Reddit reacts to joke

The Canadian's fans were thrilled when a cat called Poki appeared in the video he was reacting to. They could sense the drama brewing, too, absolutely certain this would get posted on the subreddit.

They even joked about a potential ban like GreekGodx:

The chat reacting to the joke (Image via xqc/Twitch)
The chat reacting to the joke (Image via xqc/Twitch)

The subreddit was filled with people who did not appreciate the joke and saw it as a "fail." They thought it was a pathetic attempt at instigating unnecessary drama by leaving parts of the stream out of the clip.

One Redditor even called the OP a karma farmer who had intentionally left out the part where xQc talked about how the thing is a joke between friends and should not be seen any other light:

Some people commented on how xQc has been firing shots at so many streamers and that others will not want to work with him anymore:

The debate between being too politically correct and offensive is a never-ending slugfest on social media, with both parties refusing to give ground. While there is a lot of misogyny and racism rampant on the internet, it is also important not to make mountains out of molehills.

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