xQc seemingly becomes the first streamer to finish Elden Ring

xQc finally finished Elden Ring today (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc finally finished Elden Ring today (Image via Sportskeeda)

Elden Ring has been all the rage since its release earlier this week. xQc also joined in the hype and has been streaming the game since February 25, when it released. Considering that the game's frustrating levels are getting the better of the calmest of streamers, xQc has had more than his fair share of moments of rage playing the game.

This thankfully came to an end recently, as the streamer completed the game in his latest stream

xQc finally defeated the final boss in Elden Ring

(The final level starts at 11:33:15)

This has seemingly made xQc the first streamer to finish the game. The former OverWatch pro seemed very satisfied after completing the game, and yelled,


After returning to his usual composed look, the streamer continued his journey onto finding and putting on the Elden Ring, from which the game gets its title.

(starts at 13:13:20 in the full VOD)

The gamer had this to say as the game approached its final moments with the storyline completing its full circle

He's like rebuilding the structure, so the ring isn't really a ring it's an arc which was broken.

At the final shot of the game, where the king whose role players take on in the game, is rightfully restored to his throne in his flourishing kingdom. xQc appreciated the game's stunning art design,

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"Damn, that looks so cool holy sh*t. The detail looks so insane there."

These were his final thoughts on the game:

It's a great game though. You definitely get your money's worth with so many zones, not a lot of replicated bullsxxt. They're going to get Game of the Year again for sure.

Fans react to xQc completing Elden Ring

As he is the first streamer to complete the game, he generated a lot of excitement amongst both his own fans and fans of the game.

As the streamer is a former World No.1 in Overwatch, many took to social media to express their admiration in his skills as a gamer

Some users pointed out that the streamer did skip through many parts of the game while completing it and had a rather low completion percentage.

The detailed Elden Ring PS4 is available here.

The streamer has not clarified whether he will go back and explore the parts of the game he skipped through on his first run, as fans don't seem ready to let xQc go back to RP or anything else.

Fans will have to wait for his next Twitch appearance to find out if they will get to see more of xQc in the beautiful Elden Ring world.

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