"You didn't break through anything!" - HasanAbi calls out Andrew Tate, claims the latter 'lies about the Matrix'

HasanAbi shares his views on Andrew Tate (Images via HasanAbi and Andrew Tate/Twitter)
HasanAbi shares his views on Andrew Tate (Images via HasanAbi and Andrew Tate/Twitter)

On November 27, Twitch star Hasan "HasanAbi" opined on Andrew Tate and his controversial comments. While reacting to a recent Kai Cenat livestream, HasanAbi praised the conversation between Cenat and Felix "xQc." He called it a "reverse" of Andrew Tate.

Hasan then turned to Tate, claiming that the latter "wants to be outside of The Matrix." He said:

"To have conversations like this so that you know, you no longer are suckered into thinking like, 'All women are b***hes! All they care about is success.' You think that's unique? You think, you like, 'broke through the matrix?' That's what your dad thinks too, you f***ing idiot. You know what I mean? You didn't break through anything! That's what everyone has thought."

HasanAbi concerned about the souring of discourse because of Tate

Hasan was seen reacting to Kai Cenat's recent broadcast, during which xQc was also present. After hearing what the former Overwatch pro argued, HasanAbi opined:

"I'm just going to say it. This s**t makes me so f***ing happy. It makes me happy that two top content creators on this f***ing platform, one is 20 and the other is 27, are having a conversation like this, and Kai is at least receptive enough to hear it from xQc. And xQc is navigating through the space in a very apt and adequate way. Even using terminology that like, you know, Kai's audience will respond positively to."

Hasan stated that the interaction between Kai Cenat and xQc was a "reverse of Andrew Tate," and elaborated:

"This is basically the reverse of Andrew Tate. Okay? This is overall a big W. This is the reverse Andrew Tate. This is not just like, two people having like, two younger people having this conversation. You have to understand, this is a collective, 100,000 plus and then, to think of the impressions on TikTok and everywhere else, you have hundreds of thousands of people that are young, that are hearing this conversation from the people that they love."

According to HasanAbi, the discussion between Kai Cenat and xQc had a "positive impact." He shared his thoughts on Adin Ross frequently collaborating with Andrew Tate, claiming that such ideas "reinforce the primal desires and most insecure attitudes" among younger demographics:

"It is straight up the absolute opposite of having like, Adin Ross d**k ride f***ing Andrew Tate, for like, three and a half hours. As he says the most insecure s**t, in albeit, a very funny and entertaining way. But still, incredibly insecure ways, and reinforcing a lot of those young boys' like, worse, most primal f***ing desires and most insecure attitudes. Making it seem as though it is the way of life."

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HasanAbi referenced The Matrix and used the "blue pill/red pill" analogy to provide a rationale for his statements:

"Ironically like, if we're going to use like, the blue pill/red pill conversation, okay? They are taking the blue pill in that regard. They want to be comfortable with the way that like, 'The system is designed,' okay?"

HasanAbi added:

The real Matrix, the real f***ing secret here is that Andrew Tate has lied to you about what the Matrix is. That's why he always says like, 'I want to be outside of the Matrix,' but then he's desperately trying to f***ing get back onto his social platforms. Because he doesn't want to be outside of the Matrix. He is the Matrix."

HasanAbi continued the conversation by asking the British-American personality if he had "broken through The Matrix." The 31-year-old commented on Andrew Tate's divisive views on women, saying:

"When you f***ing say s**t like, 'All women care about is like, ranking up,' without examining whether or not you want to f***ing find the best possible partner. Which is like, a normal human thing to have. A normal human opinion to have. If you think that's like, somehow new or unique and only a female quality, and that females are actually bad, or whatever, you're not coming across as like, a new or disruptive or unique f***ing thinker. You're not breaking through the monotony!"

Fans react to HasanAbi's clip

The Twitch sensation's clip made an appearance on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and the reaction thread accrued more than 40 fan reactions. Here's what the Reddit community had to say:

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