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Nickmercs plays COD: Warzone with a hacker

(Image Credit: Nickmercs)
(Image Credit: Nickmercs)
Brandon Moore
Modified 15 Oct 2020, 04:35 IST

Nickmercs is in the news yet again. Although highly entertaining, one of his recent streams has become the center of some controversy. Nickmercs loaded in to a COD: Warzone Duos match. He was matched with a very high energy individual who was excited to have Nickmercs on his team. When questioned whether he was good at the game or not, the duos partner said he was going to do better than Nickmercs and carry him to a victory.

Nickmercs realizes he is playing with a hacker

The random duos players has no problem wiping players off the map. It isn't long before Nickmercs starts to question the validity of his teammate's abilities. Nickmercs gets downed and his partner wipes a whole squad before coming to revive him. This causes the popular Twitch streamer to give a questionable look towards his webcam.

Nick speaks with his chat and informs them of his thoughts. He is pretty sure his duos partner is a hacker, but he refuses to back out. He claims it is good content so he will continue with the game. Nickmercs starts to question the player about being a hacker without directly stating so. He eventually just asks him to turn them back on, as the players aim is much different than previously.

The player then basically admits he is hacking. A well-known hacker that has created multiple accounts named Jerome has been a thorn in Nickmercs side during COD: Warzone games. Nick's duos partners kills Jerome, and is informed that he just killed a hacker. The partner then says, “It takes one to kill one.”

Nickmercs interviews hacker


Later in their game, Nickmercs decide to do some investigative journalism. He questions the hacker he is playing with on a number of topics. When asked how many kills in one game he has gotten with his hacks on, the player says 48.

Nick then asks what's the benefit of hacking. His partner says he is just having fun, but also, being killed by so many hackers in COD: Warzone is a big reason why he started doing it too. He says, “If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.”

The hacker then mentions the price of the hacks and what kind of hacks he has. The prices are typically on a membership basis per month. It provides him with an active radar that shows where players are on the map at all times. There are other hacks included, but the hacker states that you don't have to use them all.


This content by Nickmercs has had a negative affect on some viewers. There are those that believe Nickmercs is enabling the hacking and that he is just as bad as the hacker himself. Others say it was just for the content and to spread awareness to Activision, especially since he reported him after their game was finished.

Published 15 Oct 2020, 04:35 IST
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