OR Anto: PUBG Mobile ban, future of Esports, favorite teammate and more

Joe "Anto" Micheal
Joe "Anto" Micheal

Joe "Anto" Micheal is a professional PUBG Mobile player who currently plays for Team Orange Rock.

The 21-year-old from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, plays as an assaulter and support player for his team. Anto is also active on several social media platforms. His Instagram handle is ig_antoo, while his YouTube channel is by the name Anto Playz.

In an exclusive chat, Anto shares his personal and professional gaming experiences with Sportskeeda.

Q. Other than gaming, how were you in studies and which field had you opted for?

A: I had scored 9.8 CGPA in the 10th standard, and 88% in the 12th grade. However, during my graduation, I couldn't focus on my studies.

I was pursuing B.Tech in Biomedical, but quit during the fourth year.

Q. How was your family support initially when you started gaming?

A. During my college days, I lied to my parents that I was tired of travelling to college every day, and stayed along with my friends in a flat. They thought that I was regular to college, but I wasn't.

During PMCO 2019, my parents came to know that I went to Delhi, but they have been supportive since then.

Q. How did you start your career in competitive PUBG Mobile gaming?

A. I never had a gaming device. I struggled a lot to get one, even though my parents were capable of giving me whatever I asked for. I've always wanted to get things by myself.

I borrowed a smartphone from a known person for eight months and earned recognition due to my performance.

Just one day before PMCO 2019, Ghatak and kronten asked me to play for Team Godlike. They took my trials and were satisfied with my performance.

Q. Who is your favorite teammate, and why?

A. My favorite teammates are Mavi and Gill. Even though they get angry a lot of times, they don't hate me at all.

Q. Previous games you used to play before PUBG Mobile?

A. Before PUBG Mobile, I used to play Miscrits. When I got a decent Android device, I started playing FIFA, PES, COC and CR.

Q. How is the PUBG Mobile ban affecting you?

A. As I already mentioned, I quit my studies to pursue a career in esports. Right now, I'm stuck in the middle with nowhere to go. I don't even know what the future has in store for me. I hope that the game gets unbanned soon.

Q. How are your close friends and family members reacting after the ban?

A. Right after the news of the ban broke, one of my cousins called my mother and laughed that PUBG Mobile was banned. I thought he was kidding at first, but was shocked to read the news myself.

Q. Which games have you been playing after the ban?

A. I have been playing some fun games like Rocket League and Valorant. I have also tried my hands in several story mode games like The Witcher.

Q. What are your thoughts on 'FAUG'?

A. I don't have any views on FAUG. Only a poster has been revealed so far, so I've no idea whether it will be able to meet the esports criteria.

Q. Are you willing to shift to any other competitive game?

A. I'm not willing to shift to any other game as of now. The ban on PUBG Mobile hasn't been deemed permanent yet, and I'm trying my hands in COD Mobile until the issue gets fixed. If the ban continues, I might switch to COD Mobile or Free Fire permanently.

Q. Do you think that the PUBG Mobile community can shift to CODM or Free Fire, and why?

A. Yes, both of the games are based on the battle royale genre. It will hardly take a month to adapt to the in-game meta.

Q. Who is the person in the community whom you can rely on blindly?

A. Krish Bhai, owner of Team IND.

Q. What are your plans as a content creator?

A. Hilariously, I was about to start a YouTube channel right before the ban struck PUBG Mobile. I'm now making some content and might deliver it to the audience within a month. I hope everyone will love it.


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