Overwatch 2 developers discuss plans to remove seasonal competitive rank resets in Season 4

Overwatch 2 to likely remove rank reset and decay soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
Overwatch 2 to likely remove rank reset and decay soon (Image via Sportskeeda)

A new Overwatch 2 blog post revealed a massive change coming to the competitive aspect of Blizzard's hero-shooter. Overwatch developers are planning to remove seasonal competitive rank resets from the title in the near future. While this update will not be coming soon, readers can still expect this change to occur.

Along with this update, the post mentions plans to remove current and past seasonal rank decay. This change is a particularly good feature as it will balance the MMR and skill rating for irregular players for several reasons.

Blizzard plans on removing rank decay and rank resets in Overwatch 2 Season 4


Aside from mentioning various competitive balancing changes in the recent Overwatch 2 blog, Blizzard took the time to explain more updates planned for Season 4. Although these reworks may likely be tweaked over an entire season, the title will still see serious ranked changes.

Starting off with the seasonal rankings, Season 4 plans to remove seasonal competitive rank resets. Many players who regularly indulge in competitive first-person shooter (FPS) games like Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will learn about the rank reset phenomenon.


Resets happen when a player loses their rank rating after a certain period in-game, mainly when a new competitive Season starts. One is given a new MMR rating slightly lower than their previously gained ranking. And every title its way of handling a reset.

Overwatch 2 currently has a similar way of handling resets. However, the developers mentioned that Season 4 will remove rank resets, along with all current and past seasonal rank decay. This change is particularly huge as, starting in Season 4, players will no longer have to worry about losing their ranks.

Those who inconsistently play competitive matchmaking will have a fairly smooth experience gaining ranks. The system will be less punishing overall.

Is removing rank resets and rank decay a good decision for the Overwatch 2 community?

Overwatch 2's competitive community may have a divided opinion over this decision. While most players who queue competitive play regularly have complained about the matchmaking being unfair, a change like this increases the chances of putting inconsistent players in a queue with a party.


This change can make the matchmaking experience a bit harsh for players trying to grind in competitive seriously. Rank decay serves as a signal for other players to know that an account hasn't been engaged in this queue for a specific time. Hence, the matchmaking system also creates a competitive queue accordingly.

Since this decision is mainly directed toward Season 4, the update can change many things.