All Overwatch 2 Tank Hero tier lists

Overwatch 2 Tank Hero tier list (Image via Sportskeeda)
Overwatch 2 Tank Hero tier list (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 is the latest First Person Shooter free-to-play title in the global market. It came out on October 4 as a sequel to Blizzard’s Overwatch. The older title quickly gained traction in the esports scene and as a result, a massive community formed under its umbrella.

Overwatch 2 features three basic classes in-game - Tank, Damage, and Support. The names are pretty self-explanatory, but the importance of playing one’s role adequately controls the chances of winning or losing a match.

There are a total of 10 Tank heroes in Overwatch 2 and Junker Queen has been freshly introduced to the ranks. Let us discuss the tier list of all Tank heroes considering the current meta and balance changes.

Note: The tier list is the author’s opinions and can differ from person to person. This is not an absolute list and is subject to change.

Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List


The word Tank automatically brings up the picture of a robust, sturdy, and large structured fighter. The design patterns and abilities of the Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2 tend to stick with this visualization as well. They have more Health Points compared to other classes since they became the shield for the team quite literally.

Tanks form the first line of defense and protect their teammates from incoming damage, a role that requires mental fortitude and a strong sense of self-sacrifice.

Tank Hero Tier List (Image via
Tank Hero Tier List (Image via


  • D’VA
  • Zarya

D’VA is a great Tank Class Hero with high damage output as well as high mobility. She can quickly maneuver to different positions as and when required while targeting the weakest links in the enemy team. She can also completely negate incoming damage with her matrix ability to protect the team against heavy fire. Her ultimate can take out multiple heroes in its effective explosion range.

Zarya is a solid close combat tank unlike D’VA and can deploy personal shields for her teammates as well as herself. She is capable of dealing ridiculous damage with her primary weapon as its damage increases with the shields absorbing it. The Hero can use her ultimate to immobilize enemies in the effective region for some epic ability combos.


  • Sigma
  • Orisa
  • Winston

Sigma and Winston have a similar field of abilities with them being able to deploy shields that can block incoming damage, with their teammates being able to shoot through.

The shields have a duration and can be damaged by enemies to destroy. Winston has the additional advantage of mobility via which players can stomp on weaker players holding the back line.

Orisa is one of the most annoying Tank Heroes in this tier. It can output a load of damage as the primary weapon does not have an ammo count but an overheating condition. The javelin allows it to keep away aggressive Heroes that might try to push up close. The ultimate is a great way to control a complete head-on push from enemies and disable them for a short duration.


  • Reinhardt
  • Roadhog

Reinhardt is a staple Tank Hero in Overwatch 2. The hero has standard close-range abilities and is simple to learn. He can deploy a shield that can last infinitely while using it unless shot and destroyed.

Reinhardt also utilizes a sword slash ability to damage enemies at a distance. He has a massive ultimate ability that can knock down enemies in an effective range. A negative buff “sleep” affects players hit with his ultimate.

Roadhog is an unconventional Tank Hero for a hero-shooter title. His primary weapon can one-shot from close range while inflicting major damage on others.

The Hero can pull enemies towards him with his hook and it is super efficient when used on squishy Heroes. His ultimate fires a barrage of bullets that have a knockback effect and is a great tool for taking objective control.


  • Junker Queen
  • Wrecking Ball

Junker Queen is a new Hero that has been introduced to the game with the launch of Overwatch 2. She has seen a quick rise in pick rates but is most useful against specific enemies.

The Hero can provide quick healing and extra health points to her allies but for a short duration. Junker Queen is more inclined toward a Tank that can support the team rather than being the first contact for enemies.

Wrecking ball falls on the lower tiers due to its limited usability in Overwatch 2 maps. His ultimate is the only high-damage skill that acts as a great method of area control. It utilizes a grappling ability to quickly maneuver and reposition himself but it is not a great tool considering his large character size, which makes it easier for enemies to shoot him down.


  • Doomfist

Doomfist is the least-used Hero in the Overwatch 2 Tank pool. His abilities somewhat mimic D’VA but output lesser damage and have a lower impact on the game. He can be useful as an initiator since he has the ability to block a percentage of incoming damage.

His rocket punch ability can knock back an enemy player, which is an effective tool to take out a Damage or a Support Hero from the fight.

His ultimate is a targeted ability that enables Doomfist to jump above and strike the designated area. As he leaps into the sky, the Hero becomes invulnerable till he lands on the ground to smash it. However, it can be dodged easily by those who have higher mobility and avoid all the damage in the effective range.