Patches boss fight in Elden Ring: Where to find him and how to add him as a vendor

Where to find Patches and how to add him as a vendor in Elden Ring (Image via YouTube/Games from Mars)
Where to find Patches and how to add him as a vendor in Elden Ring (Image via YouTube/Games from Mars)

Soulsborne veterans are quite excited about the fact that FromSoftware has decided to include the character of Patches in Elden Ring as well.

By now, he has become a staple appearance in the titles, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Hidetaka Miyazaki and the team opted to include him again in their latest, most-anticipated RPG.

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Players will be able to find the notorious NPC in the Limgrave area itself, very early on in the game. The mischievous backstabber will appear as an optional boss, but fans will also be able to recruit him as a vendor during the course of the fight.

While the boss fight itself is not too difficult to find, some players are still having trouble with pinpointing his location. Hence today’s guide will try to help them out with Patches’ location and how to add him as a valuable vendor early on in the game.

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Where to find Patches in Elden RIng?


As mentioned, players will be able to find Patches very early on in the game, at a place that is quite close to the first Sites of Lost Grace in Limgrave. As such, players will be able to directly opt into the fight, almost as soon as the game properly starts.

To pinpoint his location:

  • Players will need to head towards the north of the Dragon Burned Ruins, which is present to the right of the “The First Step” Site of Grace.
  • From there it’s important that they follow the river, and continue journeying north until they reach the Murkwater Cave.
  • The marker for the cave will be displayed in the in-game map, and it is recommended that players first acquire Torrent and the map for the area before they seek out Patches.
  • Inside the cave, there will be a fog door which will be the site for the boss fight. There will be a chest present at the far end of the room, interacting with which will make Patches hop into the arena, and automatically trigger the start of the fight.
  • Patches will be boasting his renowned spear and shield, and players will be required to defeat him.

Adding Patches as a vendor in Elden Ring

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While fighting Patches, when players bring him down to about 40% of his health, he will automatically try and surrender. At this point, talking to him will allow the Tarnished to forgive him.

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As an Elden Ring NPC, Patches will be able to sell items that are primarily used tor invading players and deceiving them while on their server. This makes him quite a valuable asset if PvP is something that a player enjoys.

Additionally, he will also sell a Level 7 Spear, which can be an incredibly useful weapon very early on in the game.

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