Pokemon GO Hoenn celebration: Research challenges and rewards

Image via Pokemon Company
Image via Pokemon Company
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Pokemon GO Hoenn celebration research precedes the Pokemon GO Johto celebration event. Players will have to complete all the research before the Johto celebration event comes along.

The Hoenn celebration challenge mainly involves catching Pokemon that are relevant to the event. During this challenge, users will be given the task of catching several third generation Pokemon. The easiest way to capture them is through wild encounters.

Another method to get the desired Pokemon is by using incense or lure modules. Lure modules will attract different types of Pokemon. A magnetic lure module will attract Rock, Electric, and Steel types. A mossy lure module will attract Grass, Bug, and Poison types. A glacial module will attract Water and Ice types.

Other methods to get the required Pokemon for the Hoenn celebration rewards are finishing raids, hatching eggs, and completing the Hoenn celebration research tasks.

This event also means that the legendary Pokemon of the Hoenn region will be available for raid battles. Users will get a chance to catch Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza during this event. Save up aid passes, and premium raid passes to have a better chance of capturing these Hoenn legendaries

Image via Pokemon Company
Image via Pokemon Company

What Pokemon to catch?

Users need to get nine third generation Pokemon from the Hoenn region to Complete the research. Here's a list of the Pokemon:

  • Torchic
  • Treecko
  • Mudkip
  • Aaron
  • Bagon
  • Nincada
  • Nosepass
  • Minun
  • Plusle

The rewards for catching all nine are 5000XP, three silver pinap berries, and incense.

Image via Pokemon Company
Image via Pokemon Company

List of Hoenn celebration field research tasks and their rewards

To complete the Hoenn celebration event, it is necessary to complete all the field research tasks. The rewards from those tasks will enable a user to encounter some of the rarer Pokemon.

The list of the exclusive Hoenn celebration field research tasks and their rewards are given below:

  • Capture three weather boosted Pokemon. Reward: Encounter with either Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip.
  • Catch eleven Pokemon. Reward: Encounter with either Plusle or Minun.
  • Power up Pokemon five times. Reward: Encounter with Aaron.
  • Power up Pokemon nine times. Reward: Encounter with Wailmer.

There is a timed research quest for the users. The deadline is January 24th, Sunday, 8 PM (local time). If the quest is not completed in the stipulated time, it will vanish, and the rewards will be lost.

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