Pokimane names her cat Beau: Sykkuno, QuarterJade, and more react

Fans were delighted to hear that Pokimane decided to name her new cat Beau (Image via Pokimane/Twitter)
Fans were delighted to hear that Pokimane decided to name her new cat Beau (Image via Pokimane/Twitter)
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Imane "Pokimane" Anys recently welcomed a new member of her family. She announced on stream that she had adopted a second cat. She showed off the new pet and asked viewers to help her decide on his name.

Today, she announced on Twitter that her new pet's name would be Beau. Delighted by the news, fellow streamers and friends like Sykkuno, QuarterJade and Blaustoise replied to welcome Beau. Plenty of fans also congratulated Poki and welcomed the new cat.

decided to name him Beau! ☺️

Pokimane settles on a name for a new pet

Earlier this month, Pokimane teased one of her streams by telling fans she had been keeping a secret and was ready to share it. Many fans got to speculating what the secret could be, including some who said she might be pregnant. She shot down those rumors and showed off her new pet cat when the time came.

When Poki recently introduced her new cat to her stream, she asked fans to help name him. People gave their suggestions, with fairly common names like Momo, Bibi, and Bobo.

While it's not known if she decided on the name from a fan reply, she decided to name the cat Beau. Alongside Poki's first cat, Mimi, Beau will likely be a familiar face on her stream in the coming years.

The streamer announced on Twitter that she had named her new cat. Quickly, many of her fellow streamers and fans replied to properly welcome the newest member of her family, including Sykkuno, QuarterJade, Blaustoise and others.

Poki replied to Sykkuno's tweet, promising to bring Beau over for a visit on one condition.

@Sykkuno if u put another litter box in ur room for him i’ll bring him over 😌

Blaustoise seemed to have instantly fallen in love with the new cat.

@pokimanelol MA HEART 🥺🥺🥺

One fan cleverly responded to Blau by saying that Beau could be named after him.

@blaustoise @pokimanelol she named him after you but with an E instead coz he didn’t take an L 🥹🥹

QuarterJade said that she was a fan of the cat's new name.

@pokimanelol beau is the best name omg 🥺

Overall, the name seems to be a hit. Plenty of other streamers and fans responded to voice their approval of the name and let Poki know how cute her new cat is.

@pokimanelol Awwwww I LOVE the name Beau! What a sweetheart
@pokimanelol What a precious baby!

Fans also replied, congratulating Poki on the new cat and sending pictures of their cats.

@pokimanelol decided to name her MightyKrystalAuroraQueen! ☺️
@pokimanelol Does he want to be friends with my Bo?

Beau, like Mimi, already seems to have his dedicated fanbase.

@pokimanelol Poki has decided to name Beau… Beau!! We must protect him at all cost

While many fans were thrilled to learn that Pokimane got a second cat, people seemed equally elated with the news that he finally has a name.

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