Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat update: Security, Data Bans, cheats addressed, and more

Ubisoft updated their anti-cheat for Rainbow Six Siege in Year 7 (Image via Ubisoft)
Ubisoft updated their anti-cheat for Rainbow Six Siege in Year 7 (Image via Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege recently released a massive security update for the game. The anti-cheat update was used to address cheaters from the PC population. As Year 7 is about to conclude with the final and upcoming season, Ubisoft made the correct decision to strengthen the anti-cheat.

📣 It’s time for the Anti-Cheat Status Update!What we’re talking about:- Important Security Update: QB- Ban Data- Cheats Addressed- Text Chat Reputation Penalty

Cheaters have been plaguing the Rainbow Six Siege PC population for the past few years. For console players, mouse and keyboard players are the real problems. With that being said, Ubisoft has been trying to counter and combat the cheating problem with several updates, but they have barely made a mark.

Evey mid-season and end-season ban waves take out many cheaters and reported players, yet the problem seems to grow.

What is the new QB initiative update for Rainbow Six Siege?

We have exciting new changes for PC security.Don’t forget to head over to for any issues you encounter.

In a recent tweet regarding the security update for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft mentioned that the latest anti-cheat patch was exclusively for the PC population of the shooter. The developers have been working on this initiative over the past few months to combat cheating.

As players are aware, while other platforms like Xbox and PlayStation have issues for players who use keyboards and mice, PC players are plagued by the problem of countless cheaters who use third-party applications to win games.


In the Twitter thread, Ubisoft mentioned that they could not share the details of the update to protect its integrity. Furthermore, they added that a confident update would bring forth a solution. With this, Ubisoft also added that they take the cheating concerns of the community very seriously and are always looking for ways to secure the game from the hands of cheaters.

The developers will monitor the behavior and effects of the security update. With that being said, Ubisoft also mentioned that the update could have an impact on some third-party applications.

Data Ban numbers until the end of October

In this thread, Ubisoft has also attached a data chart for BattlEye bans and Data Ban numbers for Rainbow Six Siege until the end of October. The charts display the number of players banned by BattlEye in Yellow, while the number of players banned with Data Ban and BattlEye together is marked in white.

For an overview on bans, we bring our latest BattlEye and Data Ban numbers, including data until the end of October.

This clearly portrays the number of players banned with Data Ban, which is higher than BattlEye's. The Data Ban has helped catch more cheaters so far. It is fair to assume that the latest anti-cheat update will improve the system and help deal with toxicity and cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege.

What are the addressed cheats?

In a tweet, Ubisoft brought forth a list of cheats they have been addressing in Rainbow Six Siege. These cheats have been harassing the player base for a long time, as there are reports and clips of these cheats in action now and then.

See the cheats that we’ve addressed in our most recent updates.

The cheats addressed by the anti-cheat are as follows:

  • Pause in planning phase
  • Amaru No Clip
  • Aruni Melee exploit
  • Iana No Clip
  • Force Gadget
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Remote/Instant Kill

Players can also help the Data Ban grow stronger by reporting cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft mentioned that in-game reporting is still the best way to get reports that lead to bans.

Want to report a player? Here’s what you can do.

Furthermore, reporting a cheater on social media is also a great way to start. The following proofs are needed to report a cheater on social media:

  • Clear video or photo proof of the cheater's incident
  • The offending player's Username and User ID
  • Match ID for any relevant matches
  • Date and Time of the incident

If the player's Username is invisible due to Privacy Mode, then getting their Display Name and the Match ID will also help. Regarding the security update and the QB Initiative, players can head to for any issues encountered.

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