Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's 'Tarkov' inspired mode reportedly won't be free to play

Modern Warfare 2's new 'Tarkov' inspired mode won't be free to play (image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 2's new 'Tarkov' inspired mode won't be free to play (image via Activision)

A new leak regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has surfaced. According to the rumor, the DMZ mode, which fans initially assumed would be free to play, will not be available for free. A recent leak revealed that the 'Escape from Tarkov'-inspired mode in the forthcoming iteration of Modern Warfare will not be free to play and will come at launch this year.

The latest rumors on #ModernWarfare2's DMZ mode state the mode won't be free to play, but rather part of the game package.

As of today, no official information regarding the mode has been revealed by the developer, Infinity Ward. While the game's release date is set to be October 28, there is not much time left for fans to experience the Open Beta test of Modern Warfare 2. With that in mind, the developers are doing their best to provide an immersive experience to fans.

As for the rumored 'DMZ' mode, here are all the things we know so far.

Everything we know about 'DMZ' in Modern Warfare 2

Leaks and insider reports claim that Call of Duty is developing an extraction-type game mode for the upcoming title. While Call of Duty always has a third mode besides the multiplayer and the campaign, 'DMZ' might be the new mode that will be featured in Modern Warfare 2.

According to the leaks, the mode has been in development since 2018 and was supposed to be a part of Modern Warfare (2019). However, the developers didn't move forward with the idea and thought it would be a better fit for the next installment, which is Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward’s rumoured 3rd mode, has reportedly been under development for 4 years

A previous leak suggested that the mode consisted of four different maps. However, prominent CoD leaker Tom Henderson stated that the upcoming 'DMZ' mode might share the same map as Warzone, and players will have access to the sub-part of the map in the game mode. In one of his Tweets, Henderson stated

"With TheMW2Ghost receiving the original image and videos late last year, which were referenced as the DMZ. My own sources since suggested that the DMZ will indeed share the same map, with one source saying, 'Why make more maps for two different modes when you can just build it in one.'"

Furthermore, the mode will reportedly feature dynamic weather, day/night cycles, and a marketplace for players to trade items.

Modern Warfare II’s rumoured Third Mode ‘DMZ’ is being described as an ‘Open-World’ title; a procedurally generated world with varied Missions and AI, Weather and Events

While the extraction-type game mode is a new genre in the FPS gaming community, Escape from Tarkov was a pioneer of the genre. The extraction-type game modes require players to gather intel and drop them off at secure locations. It can be multiplayer or co-op missions.

While information regarding 'DMZ' is sparse at the moment, and nothing has been revealed by the developers, the future of the mode remains quite unclear. However, fans can expect the official information on the mode to be available soon.

Fans can now pre-order Modern Warfare 2 and gain access to the open beta. The game is all set to be released on October 28, 2022.

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