Dying Light 2 leaked trophy list hints at major story spoilers

Trophies of the game have been leaked (Image via Techland)
Trophies of the game have been leaked (Image via Techland)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

Dying Light 2 has less than a month left for its worldwide release, and there had not been any significant leaks until earlier today, when its trophy list was reportedly leaked to the community.

The original Dying Light was a refreshing release in a genre with no shortage of games. It included the best from those titles and added a sense of uniqueness with its parkour-influenced gameplay.

While many zombie offerings encourage players to take the fight head-on, Dying Light's philosophy has been "flight-over-fight" when the situation demands that.


With Dying Light 2 almost ready to be launched, players can expect all the goodness of the first game along with a larger campaign and several upgrades. With all its trophies now leaked, they can certainly get some idea of what the overall game will be like and what tasks they will have to do.

Dying Light 2 players will not have to play for 500 hours

Earlier in the month, Techland surprised many in the community with a stunning revelation. According to the developer, Dying Light 2 would require 500 hours on average to complete.

This went down well with some, while a few others felt it would make the game almost impossible for completionists.

Word has it that Dying Light 2 will take 500 hours to fully complete😳 huh

Thanks to the leak, users can rest easy knowing that the Platinum trophy will not require them to play for 500 hours. It will be awarded to those who will unlock all 58 other trophies.

The primary reason for this is down to the fact that there will be no separate trophies based on ending. It's well-known that the title will not have a single ending. But the trophy associated with it seems to show that there will be just one trophy entirely when gamers complete the game.

Even if they achieve a different ending in the next run, there will be no separate trophies.

The full details of the trophies are not being revealed since many of them contain major spoilers. Another thing to remember is that these are all based on leaks, and there can be potential changes made as well. The confirmed details will be pretty clear when the game is finally released.

Of course dying light 2 throws in that one MP trophy, maybe that's why it takes 500 hours to 100% :P

Dying Light 2: Stay Human comes out on all platforms, including the next generation of consoles, on February 4. The game is available to pre-order across all major digital outlets and has three different editions priced differently.

All editions, if pre-ordered, come with bonus items and add-ons.

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