FIFA 22 leaks reveal 9 new icons, tweaks in menu, custom tactics and gameplay

FIFA 22 leaks reveal 9 new icons, tweaks in menu, custom tactics and gameplay (Image via KingLangpard)
FIFA 22 leaks reveal 9 new icons, tweaks in menu, custom tactics and gameplay (Image via KingLangpard)

FIFA 22 will officially be revealed by EA Sports at EA Play Live in July, but possible leaks of its beta version have already spilled on social media featuring multiple gameplay and design changes.

The upcoming installment of the 25-year old FIFA series is expected to go live by the first week of October, similar to that of its previous titles. With players eager to get their hands on FIFA 22's Ultimate Team and other modes via closed beta or early access, reliable leaker Federico "KingLangpard" Valverde has revealed multiple things that are set to change in FIFA 22.

EA's mega FIFA 22 showcase is scheduled to be held on June 23rd but loads of possible leaked content have already been dug out by leakers and data miners.

FIFA 22 beta leaks reveal a changed menu, gameplay feature, and 9 new icons

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Fifa 22 leaker and Twitch streamer KingLangpard has been teasing possible FIFA 22 leaks for quite some time now. He has previously hinted at some changes to the FUT Weekend League's qualification format. The leaker has now come up with FIFA 22's leaked logo and possible changes to the game's gameplay features.

KingLangpard has also revealed multiple pieces of information on the meta, champion rewards, and a set of new icons in FIFA 22.

However, while fans enquired if the leaked visuals were the final design, Langpard stated,

“It’s in the beta, it could be changed before full release.”

Leaked changes in Gameplay and Custom tactics

According to KingLangpard, he had experienced a “good bit of change” in FIFA 22 beta's custom tactics when compared to FIFA 21. He elaborated,

“Player Switching: When defending, pressing R3 lets you choose between 3 of the closest players and they all have an arrow set for the direction you flick R3 towards Can still also use R1 or flick the right stick as normal."
“2nd man press: It is nerfed a bit, there’s a little green arrow above the player that is 2nd man pressing and it depletes quickly (3-4 seconds max), soon as it depletes the player’s press isn’t as intense and basically non existent, also pulls your player out of position."
"Passing mechanics: New passing mechanics coming in FIFA 22, if you pass the ball to a player it sometimes may go to that player that you wanted it to go to"

Leaks on FIFA 22's meta

KingLangpard, who has supposedly gone through FIFA 22's beta testing, feels that headers will be pretty effective in the upcoming version. Talking about the meta he said,

"So far, the crossing and heading meta seems very overpowered.”

FUT Weekend League's new format

KingLangpard previously revealed a change in format for FIFA 22's FUT Weekend League. He claimed,

“Weekend League Qualification is required every week. 5 games to play, you need to win three or more to qualify. Can only enter three times in a week.”

This changed format might seem familiar to FIFA regulars, as the old versions of the game required a similar qualification process in the form of a mini-tournament. However, a shift towards a lower amount of games than 30 will be a fresh one for players.

Changes in FIFA 22 FUT champion reward system

According to Langpard,

“There will be certain players in rewards, and now the higher the rank you are the better version of the player you will get!”

Fans think that if this leaked information turns out to be true in the official version, there may never be a better time to climb the ranks in the FUT Champs than in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 ICONs leaks

Nine new players have potentially been leaked for the FIFA 22 ICONs list. They are:

  • Gabriel Batistuta
  • Iker Casillas
  • Cha Bum-Kun
  • Diego Forlan
  • Lucio
  • Park Ji Sung
  • Wesley Sneidjer
  • Jaap Stam
  • Robin Van Persie

However, the whole thing is sheer speculation, and EA Sports is yet to drop any sort of detail on FIFA 22's changes and inclusions.

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