Genshin Impact leaks: Yelan, Kuki Shinobu and Heizou data found in game files

There are no official pictures of their designs (Image via Genshin Impact)
There are no official pictures of their designs (Image via Genshin Impact)

It's seldom a dull week when it comes to Genshin Impact leaks, and now players have discovered more skeleton data on some upcoming characters.

The skeleton data includes basic information on:

  • Yelan
  • Heizou
  • Kuki Shinobu
  • Ayato

It simply states which model type they use. For example, Yelan uses a lady model, whereas Kuki Shinobu uses a girl model. It's important to note that the girl model is not what characters like Klee and Qiqi use; instead, it's a body type similar to Xiangling's.

Also, Heizou uses a boy model, and Ayato uses the male model. Likewise, the boy character model does not refer to a child character model in this instance.

Genshin Impact leaks: Skeleton data on Yelan, Kuki Shinobu, and Heizou

The above source comes from the Ubatcha on the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord. Most of the new information is about Yelan and Kuki Shinobu, especially since some Travelers initially thought that Kuki Shinobu would use a child model.

It is important to mention that all of this information is subject to change, and none of their character models are available for players to view right now.

Other Genshin Impact leaks on Yelan and Kuki Shinobu

[Correction] [1] We previously made a tweet regarding the unreleased character "Yelan"'s weapon type. Due to rash analysis, we incorrectly stated her weapon as a new type: "crossbow", however all bow users have mentions of crossbow in their data.We apologize for this mistake.

There were old rumors about Yelan using a crossbow before later leaks revealed she only uses a regular bow. Also, Project Celesia's previous tweet on Yelan referenced her using the lady character model. Combining this leak along with the previous one gives players more insight into the mysterious Yelan.

She would apparently use the taller female model type and wield a bow as her primary weapon in Genshin Impact.

The rumors of Kuki Shinobu using the child model likely come from two places:1) Sayu's voiceline calling Shinobu Itto's "little sidekick," and--2) A potential misinterpretation of a sussy leak riddle which was posted in WFP, later amended as pictured below.

There were several old leaks on Kuki Shinobu using either a child model or a teen model. However, the most recent skeleton data points to her using the latter option. On a semi-related note, Travelers should know that the popular character art depicting her as a child is fake.

Like the other characters in the skeleton data, her design isn't publicly known through Genshin Impact leaks.

What else do players know about these Genshin Impact characters?


No character references Yelan in their story or voice lines, but the other three characters have more information known about them. The above video contains all of the voice lines referencing the detective known as Shikanoin Heizou.

No characters reference Heizou in their Story section, but the following characters do so via a voiceline:

  • Ayaka
  • Thoma
  • Kujou Sara
  • Kokomi
  • Gorou
[Questionable]2.6 will introduce 2 new charactersAyato - 5 StarHeizou - 4 Star

Some Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks also suggest that Heizou will be a 4-star unit. His abilities and character design remain unknown. Also, the above leak doesn't mention which banner he will appear on or the weapon he uses in the game.


Like Heizou, no Genshin Impact character references Kuki Shinobu in their Story. However, two characters reference her through the Voice-Over section; those two characters are Itto and Sayu.

Itto talks about how she also challenges his leadership, yet he appreciates her value. Sayu merely mentions how Kuki Shinobu will likely disturb her sleep.


Unlike the previous two leaked characters, Kamisato Ayato is referenced in a few characters' Story section. His sister, Ayaka, mentions him as the head of the Kamisato Clan and how he's often busy with politics. By comparison, Thoma's Story reiterates his loyalty toward Ayato.


The following characters reference Ayato through their Voice-Overs:

  • Ayaka
  • Itto
  • Raiden Shogun
  • Sayu
  • Thoma

Each character talks about something different regarding Ayato. Ayaka worries about him overexerting himself with work, whereas the Raiden Shogun forgives him for his past misdeeds due to his loyalty. Sayu merely reiterates how busy his life is based on what shrine maidens speak of him.

Thoma's Voice-Over says that neither Ayato nor Ayaka forced him to be a housekeeper. Rather, he volunteered to do this line of work. Itto's Voice-Over humorously mentions him losing to Ayato in beetle fighting 780 times.

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