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Shroud takes on the role of a Bounty Hunter in Rust after he is made an offer he can't refuse

Image via Facepunch Studios
Image via Facepunch Studios
Modified 10 Jan 2021, 21:14 IST

Shroud encountered a very strange man in Rust, who had an unorthodox offer to trade scrap. They later settled on a hoodie, in exchange for the heads of Pokimane and Ludwig.

It is no secret that players in Rust take the game a lot more seriously than they need to, and the man encountered by Shroud was no exception. He had a voice that sounded similar to Corpse Husband and a slow and angry disposition.

As he put it, it is always better to go with a "private enterprise" than it is to use any of the in-game mechanics, because his targets were celebrities. The deep-voiced man offered scrap in exchange for the heads of Pokimane and Ludwig, but Shroud managed to negotiate with the man and talked him into exchanging a hoodie, and helping Shroud during the bounty.

While the overzealous man agrees to follow along with the plan at first, he cannot help but yell what appeared to be a revenge-type speech, which leads to confusion.

Soon after, things became clear and a shootout began, with Shroud and his crew coming out on top. The strange deep-voiced man was not sated by the victory and he ran around yelling about how this was an earned outcome.

He took his hoodie and let anyone who wasn't a part of the bounty go, stating that he was not on the wrong side of history, but that he was instead vindicated because of the reward he received.

The best part of the video is the man who sets the entire situation up. He obviously has an interesting backstory with the players involved and has a vendetta to fulfill, but, it is never made completely clear as to why he even asks Shroud to take care of the situation. Either way, the time spent with this man is interesting on its own.

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Shroud betrays his friends for a hoodie

An interesting point that is brought up after the contract is fulfilled is that Shroud betrayed the trust of other players. Rust is the kind of game where it is very difficult to gather resources and survive long enough to see the benefits that Shroud had, and so, gaining allies and friends is almost a necessity.

Many players will find themselves betrayed and vindicated just based on who they choose to trust, and streamers tend to stick together because they are all just there for content.

As shroud was helping those who were not on his hitlist, the other streamers were telling him that he had done the unspeakable and had betrayed those who saw him as a friend. Shroud tried to justify his actions, stating that he did it to fulfill a want of his that had been his goal for half a day, but the same subject came up with his partner.

It is one of those situations that only appears in a game like Rust, because dying really has grave consequences attached to it. It is hard to see Shroud as the good guy in the end because he hurt his friends, and it is a strange way to feel while watching a stream.

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Published 10 Jan 2021, 21:14 IST
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