Sons of the Forest multiplayer guide: How many players can enjoy co-op at the same time?

Here’s how many players can experience co-op at the same time in Sons of the Forest (Image via Endnight Games)
Here’s how many players can experience co-op at the same time in Sons of the Forest (Image via Endnight Games)

Endnight Games’ Sons of the Forest went live on Steam as an early-access offering on February 23, letting fans experience a hair-raising sequel to the iconic 2014 title, The Forest. The brand-new horror-survival simulator not only encapsulates all the features the original experience provided but also presents an updated graphical look.

Like its predecessor, Sons of the Forest allows players to go on a solo journey or explore the depths of its eerie forest with friends. That said, it’s natural for gamers to seek real companionship when playing a spooky title such as this one. Worry not, as the game allows players to team up and face its forest with friends. However, there's a limitation to consider.

Here’s how many players can experience co-op at the same time in Sons of the Forest


Multiplayer lobbies in Sons of the Forest can host up to eight players, letting you roam the title's island with up to seven other individuals. You can host a public server that anyone can join or restrict the lobby to friends only. You can also befriend two AI companions (NPCs) in the game. Believe it or not, adding Virginia and Kevin to your group can make survival much easier.

The unrestricted world of Sons of the Forest offers multiple survival activities, including building a base, crafting useful tools, collecting items, and storing food, as well as fending off obnoxious enemies. The ultimate goal is to survive this title's harsh wilderness: the forest infested with cannibals and mutants.

Getting through this horror-rich game is certainly easier with friends. Here's how you can create multiplayer lobbies in the popular title.

How to join friends or host a multiplayer lobby in Sons of the Forest


To join a multiplayer server, locate and select Multiplayer from the main lobby screen. You can either join a friend’s server or host one. If you choose to do the latter, you’ll be provided with settings you'll get to personalize. You can set the server name and the lobby size and also restrict it to friends only.

Once you confirm the lobby settings, select Start. Next, you’ll be presented with the multiplayer lobby screen displaying your creation. From here, you can invite friends and see the names of everyone who've joined your game. Your pals can join the server using its name. When ready, select Start to begin the game.

Instead of choosing to host the game, you can also decide to join a friend’s lobby. Simply click the Join option after selecting Multiplayer. You’ll now see a list of available multiplayer servers that you can join. Use the filter option to locate your friend’s server. Simply click on the name of a multiplayer lobby to join it.


Sons of the Forest is currently available to play on PC via Steam and will remain in early access for six to eight months, as stated by the developers. If you face an error while trying to play its multiplayer — which has been a common complaint among players — this guide may help resolve the issue.

It’s unknown whether the game will be made available on PlayStation or Xbox consoles in the future. However, Endnight Games has expressed interest in a console port and may give fans what they want after the early access ends.

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