The best counters for Newcastle in Apex Legends

Newcastle is the latest Legend in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Newcastle is the latest Legend in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Season 13 is here. Along with changes to ranked play and more content, the latest season saw the release of a new Legend: Newcastle.

This bearded, heavily armored Legend is shaping up to be quite difficult to deal with as far as defensive characters are concerned. Newcastle’s entire kit is dedicated to helping out the team.

Like his name might suggest, Newcastle is all about shields and walls. So, Newcastle players will have to deploy shields at the right time to make the most of them. And since he’ll inevitably show up in-game, here are the best counters to play when you're up against Newcastle.

These are the best Apex Legends counters against Newcastle



Caustic mains will have a field day when playing against Newcastle. He can deploy all the shields he wants, but Caustic’s Nox Gas will ignore them completely. This is because it deals damage to health rather than shields. The gas reacts the same way when Newcastle uses Castle Wall; the wall simply doesn’t stop it.

What’s great about Caustic is how quickly he can bait Newcastle’s abilities. Push against his team, maybe even corner them, and once Newcastle uses one of his shields, toss Nox Gas into their fortification and watch them scatter.



Other than a coordinated team, one of Newcastle’s weaknesses is aerial damage, and Bangalore can take advantage of that. His shields are primarily shaped like walls and not ceilings. Naturally, striking from above with Bangalore’s ultimate would easily make his shields nothing more than a silly inconvenience.

An easy play to make is — just like with Caustic — pushing Newcastle’s team, so they’re on the defensive. When he starts deploying shields or, better yet, summoning the Castle Wall, that’s the time to strike with Rolling Thunder.



Similar to Bangalore, Gibraltar has an aerial attack of his own in Apex Legends, Defensive Bombardment. It exploits Newcastle’s biggest weakness. However, unlike Bangalore, Gibraltar is played as a tank.

Gibraltar can focus on disruption and tanking, allowing for offensive Legends to focus on damage and down the enemies. The enemy team is going to be forced into making a decision: scatter and retreat or deal with the damage.

Tips to keep in mind when facing Newcastle


Got a different Legend in mind that might counter Newcastle in Apex Legends? Here are a few tips to help you make a decision.

  • Bait Newcastle’s Mobile Shield - If you can push a coordinated attack on Newcastle and his team and force him to use Mobile Shield, that’s a win. Hang back, but keep the pressure going to prevent the enemy team from fighting back.
  • Don’t be afraid to punch through Newcastle’s passive - Retrieve The Wounded might seem hopeless, but if he makes a beeline to an ally and the shield goes up, focus fire his shield and potentially down a second player. It isn’t that strong, to begin with.
  • Newcastle’s ultimate has a weakness - It’s nothing but a wall, so either attack him and his team from above like Gibraltar’s ultimate or flank the walls with Ash’s Phase Breach.

Ultimately, Newcastle is a fantastic addition to Apex Legends’ roster of characters. It’s great to see another defensive character with a more active role, not to mention how Newcastle’s abilities offer the perfect opportunity for players to consider a proper playstyle that works for the team rather than going in guns blazing.

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