The best DPS Heroes in the Overwatch 2 beta, ranked

Sombra, an aggressive hacker (Image via Activision Blizzard)
Sombra, an aggressive hacker (Image via Activision Blizzard)

With the addition of Junker Queen, there are 34 heroes in Overwatch 2, half of which are occupied by DPS heroes and are all available to play in the beta.

Despite such a large portion of the roster being dedicated to heroes that focus on dealing damage, some are arguably better than others. With 17 to pick from, only a handful stand out amongst the best.

With the beta giving fans a taste of the changes coming to the sequel, now is the time to revisit who the best DPS heroes are in Overwatch 2 and where each one ranks.

Overwatch 2: best DPS Heroes in the beta, ranked

5: Sojourn


The newest hero coming to Overwatch 2 is Sojourn, and she is so good that she has already made it to number five of this list. Her kit is exceptionally strong for mid-range fights, rounded out with good mobility and a powerful weapon.

What makes Sojourn such a powerhouse is Disruptor Shot and her unique railgun. The railgun has two modes: rapid projectiles and a single-shot super bolt. Players charge up the railgun with the first mode, then fire off a round with the second, which can one-shot non-tanks if aimed at their head.

To make this easier, use the Disruptor Shot to slow down the enemy.

4: Genji


Similar to Tracer, Genji is a vehicle of mobility. With stun abilities removed in Overwatch 2, Genji essentially received a huge buff, especially to his mobility, in addition to some of his animations being cleaned up and quickened like Dragonblade.

Also like Tracer, Genji needs a player who will be willing to dedicate time to understanding his kit in order to maximize the potential of Genji’s strength. An experienced Genji main can do the following with ease:

  • Flank an enemy team
  • Take out their most valued player
  • Use Deflect to make their escape

3: Sombra


Sombra was given quite the makeover, from a master of utility to a more offensive playstyle, similar to that of an assassin. Should Overwatch 2 players find themselves in a dark alley alone, they better hope Sombra isn’t nearby.

What puts Sombra on this list is her incredible strength at taking advantage of targets on their own. Finding a player that strays from the pack constitutes an easy kill for Sombra. With Hack, she disables their abilities and guns them down with a machine pistol.

2: Tracer


Tracer is still bringing incredible damage potential to the game and will take the number two spot on this list. Her run-and-gun playstyle is strong and effective, not to mention time-based abilities. Tracer is fast, gets in the face of her enemies, and quickly zips away.

However, what keeps Tracer from taking the number one spot is player skill. If a player dedicates time to Tracer and practice, she is easily the best DPS hero in Overwatch 2 and will outgun the number one hero on this list.

1: Soldier: 76


Take any gamer off the street who enjoys first-person shooters, and chances are good that they will do well with Soldier: 76. His playstyle is very reminiscent of first-person shooters like Call of Duty, and his kit matches up with that as well.

Even though Tracer fits here just as much as Soldier: 76, he only edges out slightly due to simplicity. He can heal, fire rockets, sprint, and wields a heavy pulse rifle with a great deal of ammunition. If Soldier: 76 had to be described with one word, it would be "reliable."

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