The best loadouts for the Guardian Games 2022 playlist in Destiny 2

A screenshot from the announcement for the Guardian Games event (Image via Bungie Inc.)
A screenshot from the announcement for the Guardian Games event (Image via Bungie Inc.)
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Destiny 2 players worldwide are excited about the recent release of the game's 2022 edition of the Guardian Games event. A lot about this event has stayed the same. However, Bungie has added a new way to participate in this event. This is courtesy of adding the new Guardian Games playlist for the event.

The Guardian Games have been a yearly occurrence in Destiny 2 since 2020. These games give players a chance to compete to see whether the Titan, Warlock, or Hunter are the best class of Guardian through collecting points. These points are totaled for every participating player when the event concludes.

With the release of the new playlist for this year's event, many players find this method of competing much more enjoyable. Rather than finding or buying contender cards to turn in for points, players can earn them and cash them in from more standard modes of gameplay to avoid tedious grinding.

Best Loadouts for Farming in Destiny 2's Guardian Games

The Warlock class in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie Inc.)
The Warlock class in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie Inc.)

Each class in Destiny 2 comes with its own set of optimal weaponry and playstyle. Each class has its abilities to help them in various situations, whether dealing with area-of-effect damage to take down hordes of low-level enemies or striking massive damage on a single enemy. But which loadout is best for each?

This year's Guardian Games playlist takes a slightly different approach from playlists of other shooter games. Instead of having a list of game modes to choose from, the Guardian Games includes the "Daily Focus". This changes from different game modes every day, meaning players need to adapt.

The first item players need to have before competing in the Guardian Games is their class item. This can be acquired from Eva Levante. Having and equipping this item generates Laurels which are the points players need to collect to buy contender cards to earn points for the Guardian Games.


Motes and Medallions are the points players need to collect to earn points for their class in the Guardian Games. Motes and Medallions are achieved through different game modes, though players should know that the Crucible yields the least amount of these points.

Motes can be cashed in for points for the player's current character, but Medallions are held throughout the player's Destiny 2 account. Now, to participate in the Guardian Games, players will need many Laurels to purchase contender and platinum cards. Here are some good ways to do so.

Nightfalls and Strikes are great ways to earn Laurels in Destiny 2. These offer large amounts of minor enemies for players to defeat in large masses. However, players should keep in mind that enemies only drop Laurels when they are beaten with class abilities. So reducing the cooldown on those is key.

A Titan in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie Inc.)
A Titan in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie Inc.)

Titans may want to use armor mods that increase Strength and Intellect. These stats reduce cooldowns on class abilities. Strength reduces cooldowns on melee abilities, which are the Titan's specialty. Intellect reduces cooldowns on super abilities, which are usually great ways to deal massive area damage.

For Warlocks, an Arc Grenade build would suit them best. The Pulse Grenade is the best choice for this build as it does the most area damage to groups of weaker enemies. With this in mind, players should build their Warlock with Intellect and Discipline when considering armor modifications.

Finally, the Hunter. The Nightstalker subclass gives the Hunter the ability to cloak themselves to avoid being seen by enemies. This, in turn, allows the player to sneak through hordes of enemies before firing off massive area damage with the Moebius Quiver. Players should invest in Void damage and Intellect for this.

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