The community feels Call of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale mode needs massive changes 

Image credits - Sportskeeda
Image credits - Sportskeeda
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Call Of Duty Mobile BR mode still has a long way to go if it wants to be the best in mobile gaming.

Recently, Call Of Duty Mobile overtook PUBG and Free Fire in the Battle Royale category in the Game Awards. However, several fans and players have claimed that the game's BR mode is not as good as its Multiplayer mode.

There are several reasons for these claims. The most prevalent one being that players in COD Mobile's Battle Royale mode barely get a point reduction if they finish in the top five.

Even in higher ranks like Master or Legendary, it is relatively easy to rack up points with 0 kills just based on survival. Battle Royale has always been about survival, but earning points in Call Of Duty Mobile BR can seem far too easy to hardcore players.

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Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode needs some efficient changes


Several popular streamers and YouTubers like iFerg, JEYEPJI TV, and HawksNest have spoken about why the BR mode doesn't feel the same anymore. In fact, players have also alleged that Call Of Duty Mobile's developers focus more on adding new cosmetics than fixing the game.


For instance, the Dark Nikto skin, as well as the Mythic Fennec Ascended, were recently added to the game. Players have spent an exorbitant amount of money to acquire these cosmetics. While legendary guns and skins have no impact on the game, they make players stand out from the rest.

While they offer no tactical advantages, several have claimed that these cosmetics make the game pay-to-win while others stand against these claims and defend their inclusion.

The inclusion of these cosmetics doesn't change the feeling among players that Call Of Duty Mobile needs a radical change in their BR mode.

Image via - u/da7GR
Image via - u/da7GR

Recently, Reddit user u/da7GR posted a poll that had a comprehensive list of things that Call Of Duty Mobile's BR mode needs. Most of the options in the poll refer to in-game changes, but some of them need a complete overhaul of the game.

Image via - u/da7GR
Image via - u/da7GR

The post stated that Call Of Duty Mobile's BR mode is full of bots even for players ranked below 10,000 points. It takes 6500 points to reach Legendary rank in BR. Thus, it means that even in the Legendary tier, players are facing bots.

This has been a recurring complaint in the Call Of Duty Mobile community. Players playing solo or duo have reported this several times in the past. Players encounter these bots in squad mode as well.

This definitely questions the competitive integrity of Call Of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale mode. Further, the post added a few more options that need to be discussed in detail.

The Gulag Mechanic (like in Call Of Duty: Warzone)

Usually, when players are playing squads or duos, they have a chance of returning to the game if their teammate scans their dog tag. This has been there in Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale for quite some time now, and players are beginning to feel that it isn't fair.

For instance, if a player dies with 0 kills and their teammate revives them, then the points earned by the returning player don't justify his/her gameplay. Surviving the match with 0 kills gives a considerable point boost, even in Legendary rank.

The Gulag Mechanic in Warzone challenges players to enter into a 1v1 with other eliminated players to earn a spot in the revive flight. This is perhaps the most competitive mechanic there is in the Battle Royale genre.

Including this in Call Of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale would definitely make the game more challenging. It would also require players to change their gameplay and earn their way back in the game.

Self-revive, loadout request and buy station


In Warzone, players get all of the three options - self-revive, loadout request, buy station. Purchasing a self-revive can be extremely handy if a player is stuck in a tight situation. However, this might change the entire flow of the game.

Call Of Duty Mobile BR has certain Operator Classes (Ninja, Trickster, Poltergeist, Medic, etc.), helping players when they're locked in a fight. Players usually spawn with these classes in Classic BR. However, players have to acquire them on the Alcatraz map.


Having a buy station where players can purchase these classes and buy UAVs or the XS-1 Goliath (Juggernaut substitute) might be a brilliant inclusion. Thus, instead of spawning with abilities, players would need to purchase them.

For this, the developers would also have to add the concept of money in the game to establish a buy station. This is one of the changes that might require a top to bottom dynamic development in Call Of Duty Mobile BR mode.

Fixing the desync and footstep audio

Footstep audio is something the Call Of Duty franchise isn't popular for. Even in Warzone, several players and popular streamers have complained about the lack of proper footstep audio.

It is the footstep marker on the map, which effectively allows players to know which direction the opponent is coming from. According to several players, faulty footstep audio has been the cause of several deaths in Call Of Duty Mobile BR, and it needs some work.

Another major issue players face in Call of Duty Mobile is desync. This occurs both in MP and BR mode. Essentially, it means that the bullet takes time to register after being shot. This can make killing an opponent quite challenging.

Activision has mentioned that they are working towards a fix for desync in both MP and BR mode. Hopefully, this fix will allow players to get their kills on time without any delay.

Vehicle mechanics and visibility glitch on Poltergeist

The terrain of the BR map in Call Of Duty Mobile has grasslands, deserts, and snow. Simultaneously, there are contours throughout the map which make driving a challenging task in Call Of Duty Mobile.

Although this is not a game-breaking issue, having better vehicle mechanics or better terrain would definitely improve the Battle Royale Mode.

While traveling in vehicles is difficult. There are some glitches that are more fundamental.

Several Operator Classes in Call Of Duty Mobile are infested with glitches. Poltergeist is one of these classes. Many have claimed that players are visible even after they activate void walker.

This glitch allows the opponents to spot a player by seeing their bags. Further, most of the bags in Call Of Duty Mobile come in vibrant colors that stand out from the terrain. So if a player has a flashy skin equipped, they are even more likely to be spotted.

Call Of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale is perhaps one of the best in the BR genre. Thus, implementing these changes might take a long time, but they will make the game much more competitive and intense.

Hopefully, the developers will respond to the community's requests soon enough.

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