The problem with Pokimane and 'simps': How this Twitch star has been battling a recurring problem for years

Fans 'simp' on Pokimane all over Twitter (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans 'simp' on Pokimane all over Twitter (Image via Sportskeeda)

The popularity of Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys hasn't always been unicorns and rainbows for her. Over the course of her 8-year-long and running streaming career, Imane has amassed several million followers. Unfortunately, this massive fan base or an army of 'simps' has often caused problems for the streamer.

Having fans who would support you through thick and thin is something every streamer would wish for. From tuning in to every stream and donating to buying merch and promoting her on social media, there isn't anything fans wouldn't do for Pokimane.

Sadly, several outsiders hate the fact that there are men who worship the Twitch streamer. Clearly, these people have never been shy of criticizing the 'simps' who are crazy after Pokimane.

Pokimane might have grown a lot in the last few months and has been involved in way less drama than before. However, this hasn't stopped her 'Simp Army' from stirring up trouble for her.

The problematic journey of Pokimane and her simps

For the uninitiated, Simps are "men who are viewed as too submissive toward women, especially online personalities, from whom they hope to achieve some kind of romantic attention for their efforts."

From one look at the comments and replies to Pokimane's videos, social media posts, and tweets, people can find thousands of people who fit the above definition. There are people who have spent thousands of dollars donating to Pokimane just to catch her attention.

The problem with Pokimane's simp army is twofold. First, fans are ready to do anything for Pokimane, which often leads to her fans crossing several boundaries. In fact, there have been fans crazy enough to stalk Imane and figure out where she lives, forcing her to move out of her previous house.

Often when these disgruntled fans do not receive the desired attention they want from Pokimane, they resort to being toxic on her streams and social media.


No respect for personal boundaries

Pokimane has often lashed out at her fans for not respecting her personal life and boundaries. Time and again, Poki has requested her Simp Army not to concern themselves with her dating life.

Unfortunately, her fans not only ship her with every male streamer Pokimane collaborates with, but they also end up being toxic to her for her alleged relationships. In fact, people have often pointed out how Poki's fans are obsessed with almost everything about her.

Pokimane's Simp Army's obsession with her is beyond healthy. Not only do they have weird fantasies about the streamer, but they often get called out publicly without any shame.

Pokimane's toxic fans (Image via Twitter)
Pokimane's toxic fans (Image via Twitter)

In fact, the internet has an unhealthy obsession with Pokimane's feet, which speaks volumes about the nature of her fan base. Her feet appear in countless internet searches, and all of the videos or tweets displaying her feet end up getting absurd comments and replies.

Simps push Pokimane to lengths

The Twitch streamer has tried to keep her cool while dealing with internet trolls. However, at times the toxicity has gotten the best of Pokimane. One can get an accurate idea about Pokimane's fanbase by taking a look at all the unban requests she gets on Twitch.

From calling her names to describing gross details about their Pokimane fantasies, moderators have banned 'simps' from her Twitch chat for countless reasons. However, her fans keep pushing her regardless of her constantly stating that she is uncomfortable with such behavior.


The worst example of her fans pushing Pokimane came forward when the Simps berated her for opening an account on an infamous content-sharing website. The requests were all over social media, and the streamer made a hilarious TikTok to reply to her fans. However, they failed to find the humor in the situation and continued to push her.

Pokimane gets absurd requests online (Image via Twitter)
Pokimane gets absurd requests online (Image via Twitter)

Did the 'Simp Army' force Pokimane into taking a break?

Pokimane has recently returned to streaming from a break. However, before announcing her vacation, the Twitch streamer did not seem to be in a happy place. She said, 'I give up' right before taking the break because she had not been enjoying streaming.

Naturally, dealing with fans who have irrational expectations from you and get upset if you don't end up fulfilling them can often get extremely taxing. While it is uncertain whether Pokimane took a break from the simping, it could certainly be a major reason behind her decision.

Fortunately, Pokimane is back and strong. However, as long as she continues to stream and perform in front of a live audience, it doesn't seem like the simping is going to stop. It will continue to be a recurring problem for her throughout her streaming career.

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