The reveal of Destiny 2's Horse of the Nine raises a lot of questions than answers

Xur and the Horse of the Nine (Image via Bungie)
Xur and the Horse of the Nine (Image via Bungie)

The world of Destiny 2 revolves around a lot of ancient myths and mysterious creatures. In a very fragile world where magic meets science, one can even say that everything might fall apart in the blink of an eye. Amidst all that is going on, the Guardians will have to take entry for one of the most mysterious entities, the Nine.

Bungie's 30th Anniversary is coming up, and Destiny 2 will be having a lot of stuff packed for celebration. Dungeons, activities, events, bounties, and exotic will all be a part of the holidays to keep players busy until Witch Queen. However, one of the announcements from the company regarding the event got fans a little stirred up.

The announcement in question here is the mysterious Horse shown in Destiny 2's official Tweet on December 2. The following article will try to narrow down the details on the Horse as much as possible.

What is the story behind the Horse in Destiny 2's official Tweet?

The term "Nine" is not unheard of within the Destiny 2 community. In fact, it carried a lot of weight around the game's launch when the "Trials of Osiris" was known as "Trials of the Nine". It was a 4v4 crucible event that came around the weekend just as it is now. Moreover, it was put on indefinite hold from Forsaken until Season of the Worthy.

Nine also marked themselves through crucible maps, the vaulted reckoner game mode, Xur, and the Prophecy dungeon. Apart from all this, there isn't much which helps unveil the entire mystery of the "Nine".

Unlike Saint-14, the Emissary rewarded flawless players with gear by teleporting them into a celestial room. It was the same room where players could now get Prophecy rewards at the end of the dungeon. However, the one hint of the Horse here comes from an emblem of the Trials.

You are a worthy emblem from Trials of the Nine (Image via Destiny 2)
You are a worthy emblem from Trials of the Nine (Image via Destiny 2)

After reaching flawless, Destiny 2 players were rewarded with the "You are worthy" emblem. It had a dark shader on the bright cyan color, with a black horse icon on the left. Another hint comes from Season 16: Season of the Drifter, where the Rogue Lightbearer witnessed the remnants of the Horse within a celestial dimension.


Players hope that the upcoming Anniversary event will reveal many things regarding the Emissary and Nine. With a scheduled themed dungeon and six-player activity, there ought to be something interesting hidden beneath several NPC dialogs.

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