The Top 5 game-breakings additions that Fortnite has ever seen

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Over the years, Epic has added several weapons and types of equipment in Fortnite that almost broke the game.

While Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 saw several new inclusions in the weapons category, none were overpowered enough to break the game. However, during previous seasons, players have experienced using weapons that are either extremely effective or useless in Fortnite battle royale.

These weapons have now been removed from the game, or modified into a new weapon in Fortnite. Nevertheless, some of these weapons were too overpowered for the community to forget them.

Similarly, there were some items and equipment in Fortnite that were just too powerful to counter in a match.

The best five game-breaking weapons and items in Fortnite



#1 - Planes - While a faction of the Fortnite community adore planes in the game, there is a section of gamers who do not like it at all.

Planes were introduced in Fortnite Chapter 1 - Season 7. Naturally, they became instantly popular with several Fortnite gamers. However, Epic Games decided to vault Planes in Fortnite Chapter 1 - Season 8 because they were exceedingly overpowered.

Regardless, planes have made a glorious comeback in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 and there are several Operation Snowdown challenges related to them. Epic Games have reworked the dynamics of the planes in Fortnite though.

Concurrently, players can find planes only at particular locations on the Fortnite map. However, the X-4 Stormwing has been heavily nerfed, and players will require a higher skill level to operate them in Fortnite.

#2 - Infinity Blade - The Infinity Blade was the first mythic weapon introduced in Fortnite Battle Royale. It was found at Polar Peak back in Chapter 1. There was a minor section of the Fortnite community that loved this weapon, and with good reason.

The Infinity Blade gave the wielder 200 HP and allowed them to jump higher and move faster in Fortnite. Subsequently, the Infinity Blade dealt 75 damage per-strike.

The wielder of the Infinity Blade was granted additional abilities like -

  • Increased max Health pool and Shields (200 Health + 200 Shields).
  • Regeneration of Health (1 HP increase per second).
  • An exponential burst of Health after eliminating an enemy (50 HP).
  • Increased mobility (by 130%).

Epic Games decided to remove the weapon from Fortnite permanently, and it has not been unvaulted yet.

#3 - Drum Shotgun - Introduced in Fortnite Chapter 1 - Season 9, the Drum Shotgun was too overpowered with its base stats. With a DPS of 180 and a fire-rate of four shots, this weapon dominated the Shotgun meta during its time in Fortnite.

The weapon also had a 2x critical hit damage multiplier with a 12 round magazine. The fast fire-rate and the large magazine size made the Drum Shotgun one of the most powerful weapons in Fortnite.

However, Epic Games realized how players were taking advantage of this weapon, and soon enough, they vaulted it in Fortnite Chapter 1 - Season X.

#4 - B.R.U.T.E - The B.R.U.T.E was a first of its kind, mechanised suit that required two players to operate it in Fortnite. The suit was nothing short of a tank as it had 1250 HP in Fortnite. Naturally, it became part of the meta as soon as Epic Games added it.

The B.R.U.T.E went through major changes in patch v10.00. The Scientist (part of the mysterious Seven) experimented on the B.R.U.T.E armor to design a weapon/armor from it. The entire Fortnite Chapter 1 - Season X plot revolved around the B.R.U.T.E mechs.

However, they have not been seen in the game since, and it is quite unlikely that Epic will add them in Fortnite Chapter 2.

#5 - Combat Shotgun - Initially, this weapon was a beast in the Shotgun category as it could win both close and long-ranged combats in Fortnite. Introduced back in Fortnite Chapter 1 - Season 9, the weapon became instantly popular among players and content creators.

With a 1.7 fire-rate dealing 57 damage per shot, the Combat Shotgun was absolutely beyond compare. Similarly, it was equipped with a 1.5x critical damage increase which worked best at long-ranged fights.

The Combat Shotgun has been nerfed since then, and now, in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5, the weapon is vaulted. During the peak of its popularity, the Combat Shotgun was as good as a Submachine Gun, winning fights at mid to long-range easily.

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