The Witcher 4 medallion might be referring to the Lynx School, as hinted by CDPR community director

CD Projekt Red official gives hint about the medallion on the poster of The Witcher 4 (Images via CD Projekt Red)
CD Projekt Red official gives hint about the medallion on the poster of The Witcher 4 (Images via CD Projekt Red)

The teaser for The Witcher 4 is currently the most significant news circulating within the gaming community, with CD Projekt Red announcing their latest title on Monday night. The upcoming project is now in development, and CD Projekt Red will be working with Epic. While there hasn't been too much information yet, the only big hint is the medallion shown in the poster.

Many consider the Witcher trilogy to be a gaming masterpiece. Featuring Geralt of Rivia as the protagonist, the three games have enthralled many fans with their unique gameplay and interesting designs. For quite some time, it seemed like the game's Netflix series would be the only continuation of the universe. However, with this latest piece of news, CD Projekt Red has surprised many. It seems likely that the new game will follow a fresh storyline, and some hints could be drawn from the medallion on the poster.

CD Projekt Red director gives hints related to The Witcher 4

Since the release of the poster, speculations have been rife. The first suggestion by players has been about the School of the Cat, which seems all the more plausible as Ciri is seen wearing the medallion.

@iDevilPoison @witchergame Ciri has a cat medallion, and in at least one of the W3 endings she becomes a witcher.

However, some people have pointed out the elongated ears of the medallion. They feel that the medallion might be referring to the Lynx school. If an indirect hint from CDPR's global community director Marcin Momot is to be believed (the tweet shown below), the medallion could very well be that of the Lynx school.

The Lynx school was opened after the occurrences of The Witcher 3 and was started by the School of the Cat, which could be an influence on similar shapes. It will certainly be sequential if the new saga starts with a character from the Lynx school.

Aside from Momot's subtle response, the medallion in the poster does indeed look more like a lynx. The narrower profile of the face and the elongated ears better resemble a lynx than a cat. Had it not been for Ciri, it is quite possible that players would have seen it as a lynx in the first place.

@Pengun16 @iDevilPoison @witchergame The medallion on the pic doesn't look like a cat medallion. It looks like it has long ears, similar to a Lynx. Could this mean like we make our own Witcher on a new complete school? I don't think itll be about continuing Ciri story.

It remains to be seen what the medallion will ultimately be declared as. There's a good chance that the medallion might be one of many in the game. As of now, it would be premature to come to a conclusion based on just the picture and Momot's response.

Irrespective of the plot, it will be interesting to see which storyline The Witcher 4 follows as the last title is almost seven years old now. The new game has likely just begun its development, so it could take some time before more news is heard.

CD Projekt Red is beginning a "multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games", and the new Witcher 4 game will be made in Unreal Engine 5.This could mean Fortnite x Witcher in the future 👀

The Witcher 4 will be part of a new saga, as shown by the poster. It will also be the first game of the series built on Unreal Engine 5. CD Projekt Red has already announced their partnership, and it'll be interesting to see how the game runs on the new engine.

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