There is no confirmed date for Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan Pack

The suspense is killing us (Image via Behaviour Interactive)
The suspense is killing us (Image via Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight has wrangled some impressive crossover properties over the years, from Stranger Things to Resident Evil to every horror movie ever. The people over at Behaviour Interactive will not stop until they've assimilated every successful media property into their beloved horror game.

The groundbreaking asymmetrical survival horror multiplayer experience is quickly becoming a Smash Bros. for horror media. Film, TV, video games, and more have joined the cast of killers and survivors.

An exciting new upcoming crossover was leaked to the public and, despite being confirmed, remains shrouded in mystery.

Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan crossover Pack is coming, but no one knows when

Dead by Daylight is crossing over with Hajime Isayama's groundbreaking manga franchise. The series has remained one of the most popular anime brands since its blockbuster release in 2013. Its fourth and final season is set to wrap next year.

The game first teased the crossover in its anniversary event in May but mentioned almost nothing about the idea. Behaviour also teased another crossover with Resident Evil as well as the Hooked on You dating sim.

The Attack on Titan crossover pack is slated for this summer, and fans seem to think they'll have it by the end of July. The Resident Evil event is set for sometime in August, so it's fair to assume they won't get in each other's way.

Fans can remain excited knowing that Attack on Titan content will be joining the game soon.

What's in the Attack on Titan pack for Dead by Daylight?

So far, Dead by Daylight has only confirmed three skins, but seven more are promised. In addition, the game will offer unique charms that can be unlocked during the event.

The three skins that have been shown off are as follows:

  • Dwight: Eren Yaeger
  • Zarina: Hange Zoe
  • Oni: Armored Titan

These are each Legendary skins that must be purchased. Leakers have suggested skins for the following characters:

  • Yui
  • Meg
  • Felix
  • Kate
  • Jake
  • Ace
  • The Spirit

These are unconfirmed, but Behaviour has promised seven skins on top of the three announced. This very well may be the list, but don't be shocked if different characters get new looks.

The title also promises five unique charms tied in with the anime series, each with a slightly different unlock condition.

Users can get the Cadet Corps charm just for logging on during the Mid-Chapter release. Every player who jumps into a game during the unspecified dates will get this one.

They can carry the roses of the Garrison Crest Charm for purchasing any Survivor outfit from the pack. Gamers can get the titan bursting through the wall by purchasing any Killer outfit from the pack.

Those who buy two outfits will get the iconic unicorn of the Military Police Regiment Charm. Fans who purchase three will finally earn their wings with the Scout Regiment Charm.

Dead by Daylight will surely thrill anime fans with this crossover. Though it's unclear exactly when this event begins, stay tuned because it's coming soon.

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