This launchpad bug is putting Octane players at a big disadvantage in Apex Legends Season 12

Octane's launch pads have become buggy in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Octane's launch pads have become buggy in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Sourav Banik

Season 12 of Apex Legends is finally out, bringing a ton of changes along with it. With Defiance, specific changes made their way into the game that were not supposed to. This has resulted in confusion among players and has ruined their gameplay to some extent.

Recently, Octane's ultimate "Launch Pad" doesn't seem to be working as intended. Players have reported that the ultimate does not allow them to jump off after placing it down. This bug has been witnessed on both sabotaged Olympus and Kings' Canyon.


Octane's launchpad bug is making it useless for players in Apex Legends Season 12

Players have already reported a significant amount of bugs and glitches with the first seasonal transition of the game. Recently, an Apex player going by the name "tEH_ReALDeadPoole" posted on Reddit about this particular glitch.

He shows that the launchpad doesn't work after placing it on the ground. He tried to jump several times after that, but all of his efforts went in vain.

Another user also commented under the post that he has been facing this issue in Firing Range.

While another user commented that the issue is persistent in the sandy areas of the map. He further continued that the sand model gets placed above the jump pad pixels.

Octane is among the most played legends in the game at the moment, sitting in the first position with a 13.8% pick rate according to Apex Legends Status. This bug might lower its pick rate and ultimately lose its top rank.

Respawn Entertainment needs to look into the matter and fix the glitch as soon as possible. Many players have been disappointed with this weird bug, and their gameplay might also be ruined because of it.

Apart from this bug, several other unintentional changes have also made their way into Apex Legends Season 12. Wattson, Loba, and Revenant have been nerfed, but none of them were mentioned in the patch notes of Defiance.

The new season of Apex was released on February 8, 2022, across all platforms. The next-gen update for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is also expected very soon.

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