Top 4 stealth talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Stealth Talent Gameplay (Image via Sector)
Stealth Talent Gameplay (Image via Sector)

Stealth in games is a very strategic skill to master; however, Hogwarts Legacy isn't exactly a game where players would utilize it. In the wizarding world, most of the fan base is more enticed by the idea of using popular spells used by either Harry Potter or Lord Voldemort. But that doesn't mean players should see stealth talents as an afterthought.

In Hogwarts Legacy, stealth talents allow players to utilize skills that help them stay out of sight. Players not too keen on engaging in fights will most likely use these vanishing spells. Aside from keeping things low-key on engagement, stealth talents are perfect for roaming in restricted areas and certain quests ask players to enter forbidden areas.

The game has a total of four stealth talents. These include the Human Demiguise, Petrificus Totalus Mastery, Sense of Secrecy 1, and Sense of Secrecy 2. While each talent is linked to one another, players might wonder which one they need most.

Ranking all four stealth talents in Hogwarts Legacy


With only four stealth talents in Hogwarts Legacy, it should be easy for players to decide which one they should acquire first; however, not everyone is fond of playing a stealthy character. With that in mind, some players will likely acquire at least one or a couple of stealth talents. But which one is the most essential to have?

4) Human Demiguise


Human Demiguise is like a support skill among all stealth talents. Using the Disillusionment spell, Human Demiguise allows players to sprint while being invisible. It's a convenient skill, especially if you're rushing your way out of something. Players can unlock this by the time their characters are Level five.

The main reason why Human Demiguise is ranked last on this list is due to its importance compared to the other stealth talents. While it may be useful to dash your way out of a sticky situation hidden under the Disillusionment spell, it isn't necessary. Most stealth players like to take things slow and carefully think about their next move.

3) Sense of Secrecy 1


Sense of Secrecy is a talent that can be unlocked fairly early in the game. Once the character reaches Level five, players will have the option to unlock this skill.

Your character will have the ability to make it difficult for hostiles to detect you while under the Disillusionment spell; however, given it's an early skill to unlock, its efficiency rating isn't exactly the best

Remember that you'll have to unlock this low-level Sense of Secrecy talent before moving on to its second phase.

2) Sense of Secrecy 2


Players will have the option to upgrade to Sense of Secrecy 2 once they've reached Level 16. It's essentially the same skill as its predecessor, but it's more efficient. Chances are higher for players to hide from enemies or hostiles.

Remember that these talents require characters to have the ability to use Disillusionment.

1) Petrificus Totalus Mastery


Petrificus Totalus is a binding curse that freezes the body for a certain period of time. Characters that can use the spell will be eligible to unlock the Petrificus Totalus Mastery once they've reached Level 22. Upon acquiring this talent, players can utilize the attack alongside the Sense of Secrecy skill. It then turns into an AoE attack, which will come in handy when the situation calls for it.

Ultimately, Petrificus Totalus Mastery takes the top spot on this list since players can utilize it in combat.

While many Hogwarts Legacy players are set on becoming dark wizards, some might want to consider mastering these stealth talents. Nothing beats being a character from the shadows than having a stealthy build.

Hogwarts Legacy officially launches on February 10, 2023, on PS5, PC, and Xbox X|S.

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